Rock Your Ace! – Tutorial Series

As promised here we are with our much awaited tutorial series Rock Your Ace!

This tutorials series will help you move from any stock ROM be it Froyo/GB or Custom ROM to the most popular and most stable CyanogenMod build. We will keep it as Noob-friendly as possible and will try to answer as many questions as possible.

Why should I upgrade to CyanogenMod?

CyanogenMod is an open-source feature rich alternative to your stock ROM. The main advantage of using it or the features you will get are-

  • Powerful DSP Equalizer
  • Lockscreen Gestures
  • Phone Goggles – Filter calls and SMS
  • Themes support
  • Incognito Browsing support
  • Open VPN
  • ‘Swipe to remove‘ notifications
  • Custom Bootanimation (you can create one yourself and use it)
  • CRT screen off animation
  • App2sd support (you will need to partition your sdcard & install Link2sd)
  • All updated Google apps with least phone memory usage
  • Riddance to Bloatware
  • Customizable Toggles (Gps, wifi, bluetooth, screen brightness, screen timeout, torch etc.)
  • Powerful Music App
    • Gestures Support
    • Change Songs with Volume Rocker while phone is locked without waking up the screen (by long pressing the volume rocker)

Sold? No. Here is an official CyanogenMod 7.2 build in action:

What CyanogenMod build are we using?
We are using the latest CyanogenMod build by VO-1 as updated on 25th July.

So moving forward this will be a long tutorial, to keep it simple we will break it into parts. Depending on you build and whatever things you have done with phone (like rooting, CWM recovery), you can join us with that step.

Here is the currently planned structure (which might change slightly)

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Ready
    • Moving to a GB build
    • Rooting
    • Installing ClockworkMod Recovery V4
    • Installing ClockworkMod Recovery V5
  3. Taking Backups
    • Nandroid Backup
    • Kies Backup Options
    • Google Backup
    • Photos, Music And Videos
    • SMS, MMS, Call Log, Browser Bookmarks
  4. Installing latest Cyanogenmod
    • wipe cache/dalvik cache
    • Install CyanogenMod zip through recovery
    • Install Gapps
    • Install SU app
  5. Customize
    • Install Link2sd
    • Get rid of unwanted apps
    • Change your bootscreen
    • Install Themes
    • Change your font

You can use either use the above structure to navigate to any page or use the link below to move to the next page. The links will be added as soon as the posts are made.

Next: 2. Getting Ready


Improve GPS & Sensor on CM 7.x on Samsung Galaxy Ace [Lagloose’s Patch]

Almost all the roms coming for Samsung Galaxy Ace are based on Cyanogenmod builds. One thing which irritates users on the roms based on CM is the slow GPS.
Lagloose on xda decided to something about it. In his own words:

The PFGPS Tweaks by PFittech didn’t really work for me. So i took a look at the GPS functions of Stock Samsung ROM to see what i can do. CM7 and Samsung use different ways to provide GPS funtions. While CM7 ‘directly’ accesses the hardware, Samsung does it via a running daemon (/system/bin/gpsd’). Obviously this works much better than GPS functions provided by CM7. So i decided to try the Samsung GPS functions in CM7 which worked very well out of the box. I always have a GPS-Fix now in less than a minute. This required a complete replacement of HW libs provided by CM7. This worked without any problems. All Sensors (at least for me) are working. More than that, i personally have the feeling that everything is a little bit smoother and faster. But that maybe a ‘Placebo’…

  • It completely replaces the libs in /system/lib/hw with libs from Samsung STOCK ROM
  • It installs ‘gpsd’ in /system/bin
  • It installs a stock gps.conf in /etc
  • It wipes your /data/gps directory to remove old xtra.bin files

  • No need to wipe anything. Just flash via CWM

Note: PFGPS doesn’t work with this patch So if you’ve already flashed PFIttech’s PFGPS tweaks, they will be uninstalled by my patch.

So what do you say, problem solved? Or no problem at all? Do let us know in the comments below!

[via xda]

Exclusive Interview with Slaid480

A few days ago, we featured the handover of device maintainer for CyanogenMod 7.2 for Samsung Galaxy Ace to Slaid480. Ace Tips managed to get an exclusive interview with the popular developer and we asked him a few questions.

Ace Tips: You seem to be popular in the xda community. Can give us some background on who you are?
Slaid: My name is Salah Abouabdallah, I live in Meknes, Morroco. I’m a student in High School and I’m 16 years old now.

AT: How did you first get into developing?
S: I had experience with Linux because I have run it on my PC for more than 4 Years. After I bought Ace (My first Android phone) I took some time to understand the Android structure and how it works with the Linux kernel before I started coding and developing for it.

AT: Did you have any previous experience developing for other platforms?
S: Yeah, especially developing for Linux as I had some knowledge in Java, C++ and C.

AT: Why did you decide to develop for the Ace in particular?
S: It was my first Android phone, so it was a natural choice. It was this phone that made me discover this great Open Source world. Although I will start some projects for other phones too, but I will never forget my lovely Ace!

AT: Do you enjoy being on xda, and why?
S: Yeah. Here in xda, there is great help and support for my device and this is what encouraged me to code for Android!

AT: What would you say is your best achievements in development so far?
S: Well, I have done a lot of stuff, including being device maintainer for CyanogenMod, working on AOSP for Ace, all of my scripts including SlaidyBoost and working with TeamCooper on their projects.

At last, we would like thank Salah for his precious time and we wish him a great future ahead. Sometimes people tend to undermine talent by age, but Salah has proved himself by getting recognition from the CyanogenMod community!

Slaid, our knight in shining armour!

Members of various forums rejoiced recently as Slaid480 is taking over as device maintainer for the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

As we featured recently, we questioned whether official builds for Galaxy Ace were worth it. We were quick to judge, however it seems that official Cyanogenmod has been brought back from the grave.
Slaid480 is well-known in the Galaxy Ace community from creating various scripts and sharing them at xda. His most recent project, called SlaidyBoost, was even featured in xda’s news portal.

At the moment, Slaid is only releasing his builds on his xda thread, however when he gets access to CyanogenMod’s buildbot, nightlies should be pouring out.
We wish him all the best, and thank him for taking such a big role in the Ace community.

Install ‘The Most Stable’ Unofficial CyanogenMod 7.2 for Samsung Galaxy Ace


Last updated on Apr 16 2012

The official CM7.2 has been confirmed & will release with global CM release schedule. Meanwhile you can install the official RC1 version on your cellphone. Though nightly build can be found here which is the latest version.

Note: There are many versions of CM available for download, but the one we have mentioned (CyanogenMod-7.2.0-by-FAT-KANG) is the most stable and complete.


  • Stock/Custom Rom with Android 2.3
  • ClockworkMod Recovery 5 | Tutorial

  1. Reboot into ClockWorkMod 5.
  2. Wipe data/factory reset.
  3. Don’t leave the recovery yet. Format /system
  4. Download CyanogenMod-7.2.0-by-FAT-KANG from the link given above & flash from CWM recovery.
  5. Download Google Apps from link above & flash from CWM recovery.
  6. Reboot & you’re done.

Note: If you have installed CM by vo-1, you didn’t need to wipe data/factory reset

  • All sensors work perfectly (all very good. Quick flips, etc.).
  • New style circles (lockscreen)
  • ADB Wifi
  • You can change the name of the operator
  • Service mode
  • cm_kernel_tw (kernel crossed user gorolegov-th nucleus blackhawk with zImage-Mod v1.0 ( ketut @ A0A110 # 1))
  • Improved camera

Not Working:

So try it out and let us know!

[via Xda]

Android App & AutoItScript Checks for CyanogenMod Nightlies every 5 Minutes!! [Download]

Well, can’t wait for the much awaited CyanogenMod 7 nightlies? Courtesy to guys at XDA, here is an Android App & an AutoIT script for windows which checks whether the nightly has been posted at CM7 site under the device name cooper or not.

So choose any of the method below so that you’re first to know about the nightly.

Note: The script & the executable is only for windows users (or through Wine on Linux)

$refreshTime = 300000 ;interval to check for cooper nightly in ms

while 1
	InetGet("", @ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage")
	$file = FileOpen(@ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage", 0)
	$html = FileRead(@ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage")

	If StringInStr($html, "device=cooper&type=nightly") > 0 Then
		FileDelete( @ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage")
		MsgBox(64, "Nightly available.", "Cooper has been added to nightlies!")
		FileDelete( @ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage")

[via Xda-developers]

Official CyanogenMod 7.2 Confirmed for Samsung Galaxy Ace

UPDATE: CM7.2 official is confirmed for Samsung Galaxy Ace & will roll out with the official 7.2 of all devices. More info

Why no nightlies?
Due to insufficient computing power available, the nightlies haven’t rolled out for SGA.

What about CM9?
If Samsung doesn’t rolls out ICS for Ace, it will be nearly impossible for an official CM9.

Samsung Galaxy Ace has finally pulled it together. Expect official CyanogenMod Nightlies soon at the official website. No more betas by XDA devs. When all the bugs in nightlies will be sorted out, an RC version will follow and then a stable one.

More Information:,7133

New nightly build for download will be available  here as device name ‘Cooper’ (Within a week maybe):

So keep a little more patience. We will keep you updated.

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Install DSP Manager App From CyanogenMod on Any Phone [Download]

One of the greatest feature of the CyanogenMod is the app DSP Manager contained within. You can install this app on any ROM on any phone.

In words of the creators themselves:
Gives enhanced sound processing capabilities. A simple application called DSPManager is provided to adjust the new audio parameters such as bass boost, 5 band equalizer, virtual room effect for all system audio.

Download File


  • Install as APK.

OR Else

  • Copy the file  to ‘System/App
  • Set Permission as : rwx rxx rxx


How to Overclock Samsung Galaxy Ace

Custom kernels are Hi-fi stuff. They unlock awesome features on your phone. We previously showed you how to flash the CF-Root Custom Kernel on Ace with BLN & Swap support. Today its time for overclock.

For overclock/underclock capabilities, you need to have a custom kernel that supports it. Thanks to the efforts of ketut.kumajaya , this is now possible on Samsung Galaxy Ace.

For now this will only work on the cyanogenmod 7 builds only . Refer here.


  1. Install cyanogenmod7 build if not already on it.
  2. Download the overclock kernel “”
  3. Flash it using the CWM recovery.
  4. Reboot & goto CM7 settings. Or use the SetCPU app for overclocking.

People are reporting 864,883 & even 940 MHz options as stable. Phone instantly reboots above those. It is not recommended to use too high a value. You will need to experiment for a stable value. Start from 800 and and go 1 level above at a time. Test for about half an hour atleast.

An undervolt module is yet not made for Ace. Till then be happy with whatever extra Hz you are getting.

images by Ketut.
[via xda-developers]

The always up-to-date Samsung Galaxy Ace’s Custom Roms Wiki

Ace is moving up in the dev circles. A lot of stuff is happening for ACE.
Here is a wiki of Major Roms available for your beloved phone.

Rooting & Unrooting
How to root?
How to unroot?

ODIN Tutorial
Samsung Kies Tutorial

ClockworkMod Recovery version:
Gingerbread Tutorial
Froyo Tutorial
What is CWM?

Official/Leaked Stock ROMS:

Official Gingerbread 2.3.4: KQ5 (India)
Official Gingerbread 2.3.3: KPN
Download here


GingerReal (best)
Status: V1.3.0 Final

Status: v2x-2b (1st Aug 2011)
Release statement & Download

CodeROM NexusACE
status: Released
Tutorial & Download

status: v1.2 (8th Aug)
Tutorial & Download

Blackhawk Rom
Tutorial & Download

VillianROM v1 (lightweight)
Status: released (19th May 2011)
Release statement & Download
The one worth waiting for:

CYANOGEN MOD 7 (Android 2.3.7)
Cooper-kang-Beta 2 by grif_07 : CyanogenMod 7.1-cooper-KANG-BETA Android 2.3.5
CyanoAce RC 2 by BehradGH: CyanogenMod 7.1 Beta3 2.3.5 “Cyano Ace”
Official CM7: Undetermined

Other Minor Roms: X2.3
Instructions & download

SanGingerAce v3.5
Instructions & download

Instructions & download

BehradGH v2.0
Instructions & download

IlaRom V alpha
Instructions & download

CyceronPL V1.0
Instructions & download

Left out your favorite one? Let us know!