Your Ultimate Guide to Samsung Galaxy Ace DDKQ6

DDKQ6 is the latest & greatest offering by Samsung for Galaxy Ace Indian users. After going through these steps, you will have a loads of features. Though if you have been following our site, you might already have some or all of these features already. Still, we wanted to compile all these at one place for newbie users.


  • CWM Recovery
  • Root privileges
  • Deodexed firmware
  • Overscroll Glow
  • BackLight Notifications
  • CRT Animation
  • Battery Mod

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How to Deodex Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Ace DDKQ6

We have covered what odex & deodex files are in detail. If you are on any other firmware than DDKQ6, follow this tutorial.


  • Make sure you have CWM recovery installed
  • This procedure will change your system apps and framework from odex to deodex. Hence its a good idea to do a backup.


  1. Download the file OS 2.3.4 S5830DDKQ6_Deodex_full (73 MB) and place it in the root of the SD card.
  2. Boot into CWM recovery mode.
  3. Wipe cache and Dalvik cache.
  4. Now select ‘Install zip from sdcard‘ (Navigate with the volume rocker)
  5. Choose zip from sdcard. Select the zip file you’ve downloaded above and click ‘Yes‘.
  6. Wait for the installation to complete. Then reboot & you’re done.

Note: First boot may take little longer than normal boot. This is due to building of Dalvik Cache which is only a one-time affair.

How to install Clockworkmod Recovery v4 (CWM) on Samsung Galaxy Ace (Gingerbread)

Previously we showed you how to upgrade your Ace’s firmware to Gingerbread (2.3.4) & how to root your phone. (UPDATE: Unofficial CWM V5 is now available.)
Now its time for a tutorial for  how to install awesome Clockworkmod recovery on your phone.

ClockworkMod Recovery is very useful over the stock Recovery. It provides you with lot of additional options to work with. Samsung Galaxy Ace users can now have this ClockworkMod or CWM recovery.

Benefits of using ClockworkMod Recovery over Stock Recovery

  • It allows you to apply updates from sdcard, this feature is also present in stock recovery. More of the similar functionalities are Wipe data and wipe cache partition.
  • Install zip from sdcard is a very useful feature. With this you can easily install custom ROMs just by putting their zip files on SDcard, no need of Odin or a PC anymore.
  • You can backup and restore your ROM anytime you wish.
  • It allows you to mount several locations and also format SD card or SD card in ext.
  • Advance options allow you to reboot in recovery mode, wipe dalvik cache, report error, fix permissions and partition sdcard.

Before moving on to the tutorial, Note that Install CWM only if you are on Gingerbread (2.3.x). You also need to be rooted.
If you are on Froyo, follow the link at the end of the tutorial.

Method 1: Stock recovery method

  1. Download ClockworkMod Recovery (Applicable to Gingerbread)
  2. Once the CWM zip file is downloaded, place it to your sdcard.
  3. Now reboot in recovery mode. (By pressing and holding Power button+Menu button during boot)
  4. Select ‘Apply Update from SDcard‘ and select the CWM zip file placed in your sdcard. Script will take only a few seconds to run.
  5. Restart from recovery. For verifying, go into recovery again. You will find stock recovery has been updated to CWM Recovery.

Method 2: Flashing with Odin (.tar not availaible for GB )

  1. First you need to download the recovery in .tar format.
  2.  Then, run ODIN on your system and click on PDA to choose cwm-recovery-ALL.tar.
  3. Then, enter download mode on the phone and connect it to the computer via USB.
  4. Once connected, hit the Start button on ODIN and wait for the recovery to flash.
  5. Lastly, wait for the phone reboots, disconnect it from the computer and close ODIN.

Method 3: Installing with ROM Manager (UPDATE: Rom manager is only working with CM7 builds for now)

  1. Install the latest ROM Manager from Android Market.
  2. Select “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery’.
  3. Select Samsung Galaxy Ace from the menu that pops up & wait for the recovery to be installed.
  4. After you’re done, select ‘reboot into recovery’  in ROM Manager and you will boot in CWM interface.

Method 4: Flash_image Method

  1. Download the .img file from here.
  2. Boot your device into CWM recovery.
  3. Push recovery-clockwork-xx-galaxyace.img to your device using command-
    “adb push recovery-clockwork-xx-galaxyace.img /tmp/”
  4. Login to your device over “adb shell”
  5. Mount /system using  command below-
    “mount /dev/block/stl12 /system”
  6. Flash CWM recovery using command below-
    “flash_image recoveryonly /tmp/recovery-clockwork-”
  7. Umount /system
    “umount /system”
  8. Reboot your device using “reboot recovery” command to test your new CWM recovery. Reboot your device.

If you are on froyo though, you can still avail the benefits of CWM by following this tutorial-
>> How to install Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM) (Froyo)

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Reverified in Aug ’12

How to unroot Samsung Galaxy Ace on andriod 2.3.3/2.3.4 gingerbread

Rooting android brings a plethora of cool new features. But it also results in loss of warranty.

Previously I showed you how to root your Samsung Galaxy Ace and avail all the benefits.
If you also rooted your galaxy Ace and want to unroot it to get warranty back or whatever reason, then this is the tutorial you are looking for.


  1. Download ‘’ file from here.
  2. Copy it to your Sd card root folder.
  3. Reboot phone in recovery mode (by Holding down Middle key and power ON key while booting)
  4. Select the option “update from SD card”  (by volume keys) & confirm by pressing middle key. Now select the file “” file  from memory card.
  5. It will take several seconds ,wait until the confirmation screen comes.
  6. Click on “reboot in normal mode” to restart the phone
Congrats!! You have successfully unrooted your galaxy ace running on android 2.3.4/2.3.3 & restored your warranty.

How to Upgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace via ODIN

NOTE: The lastest version of this article has moved here. Please bookmark the new site.

ODIN is a firmware flashing tool for Samsung galaxy smartphones. Upgrading firmware through ODIN is very simple & powerful.  Though, if you want to update firmware via Samsung Kies, have a look at this tutorial.
>> How to update Samsung Galaxy Ace through Samsung Kies

Here is what you will need:

  1. You might already have USB drivers for you Ace if you have Kies installed. If not, download manually from here.
  2. Download Odin Multi Downloader v4.38 (Imp.- version no. is important) and the cooper_v1.0.ops file from here.
  3. Now download a firmware of your choice from
  4. Make sure you have the phone’s battery charged to at least 40-50%.

Now that you have everything now you need to go and set Odin.

  1. On ODIN select the OPS button and load the Cooper_v1.0.ops file unto it. Ensure that the Auto-Reboot, Protect OPS and Reset Time is checked.
  2. Unzip the firmware .Zip file  in a folder If you get have the contents in .TAR (or .tar.md5), Check “One Package” option on the left side & skip PDA, Phone, CSC, BOOT  options & directly go to ‘One Package’ option. Browse for the .tar (or .tar.md5) file & select it.

    One package

    Else leave the ‘One Package’ option unchecked &
    -Click on BOOT and select the file called  APBOOT
    -Click on PHONE and select the file called MODEM
    -Click on PDA and select the file called CODE
    -Click on CSC and select a file called CSC
    WARNING: Do not select anything in EFS

  3. Before connecting to the pc boot your phone in the download mode which can be done by pressing Middle Key(HOME Key) + Power key and Volume Down Key .


  4. Now connect your phone to PC via USB cable. On ODIN a COM Port mapping will indicate and turn to color yellow if the device is already detected. Click on Start.

Wait until the whole process completes (around 5 minutes). A progress bar on the left side of ODIN will show you the downloading progress. When it says “Close Serial Port & Wait Untill Reboot” , unplug the USB. You’re phone mostly likely to reboot into new ROM now. Change the default language at your own Region & you’re done. Note- In some cases,you might get a bootloop. Simply shutdown & reboot into Recovery Mode. Wipe Cache partion & Clear personal Data/Factory Reset. Restart Again. Done!

How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace through Samsung Kies?

NOTE: The lastest version of this article has moved here. Please bookmark the new site.

The latest firmware for Indian region is now Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 KQ5. Ace originally shipped with Froyo 2.2.1 KC1.
Here is a comprehensive tutorial to upgrade your phone via Kies.Agreed that Kies 2.x isn’t the best & most reliable Piece of software around, but frankly if you have seen Kies 1.x, you will relieved to be using 2.x.

So you might run into trouble while upgrade, but I have provided fix for that.

Without further ado… Here you go…

  1. Install Samsung Kies from the CD provided with the handset. If you don’t have the CD, you can download Kies from Samsung’s website here. You need a latest version of Kies otherwise you will not get the latest version of Android. If you installed Kies from CD then check for any Kies updates.
    Note- If you installed Kies after downloading from website then install USB drivers manually by going to Tools->Install Driver in kies.
  2. When the installation is complete. open Kies and connect your phone using data cable.
  3. As soon as you connect your phone to your PC, you will get a notification that a new firmware version is available and it will ask you to upgrade. Choose Update button to update it now.
    Firmware Update Available
  4. Click on Start upgrade. (Note- A full battery is not necessarily required)
    Firmware Update Instructions
  5. When the update process starts, it will start downloading firmware upgrade components. You can take a backup of your contacts and bookmarks when prompted. The upgrade won’t result in losing your data, sms, contacts or Apps. But it is still a good idea to have in case something might go wrong.
    Prepare for Firmware Upgrade
  6. Now the firmware download will start and it will take around 5 minutes to download the necessary files (I was on a fast connection, it might take you more time). Don’t disconnect your phone while upgrade is under process. After the download, the dialog will say “upgrading firmware” & your phone will boot into recovery. But it has a bad habit of getting stuck at 0%. So if you are stuck, do this-
    • Disconnect cable (though the dialog explicitly says not to do this)
    • Restart phone.
    • Close kies (or force close if it goes unresponsive.)
    • Try to reconnect. If Kies doesn’t detect your phone now, then don’t worry, reinstall kies and usb drivers.

    Downloading Firmware

  7. When the update process will finish, a window will pop up saying Firmware upgrade complete.
    Your phone will reboot & voila!!

Now you are using Android 2.3.4 DDKQ5 on Samsung Galaxy Ace officially.

An easier but unofficial method will be to update your phone directly by ODIN.  Here is the tutorial-
>> How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace via ODIN.

Leave comments if you ran in trouble.

The always up-to-date Samsung Galaxy Ace’s Custom Roms Wiki

Ace is moving up in the dev circles. A lot of stuff is happening for ACE.
Here is a wiki of Major Roms available for your beloved phone.

Rooting & Unrooting
How to root?
How to unroot?

ODIN Tutorial
Samsung Kies Tutorial

ClockworkMod Recovery version:
Gingerbread Tutorial
Froyo Tutorial
What is CWM?

Official/Leaked Stock ROMS:

Official Gingerbread 2.3.4: KQ5 (India)
Official Gingerbread 2.3.3: KPN
Download here


GingerReal (best)
Status: V1.3.0 Final

Status: v2x-2b (1st Aug 2011)
Release statement & Download

CodeROM NexusACE
status: Released
Tutorial & Download

status: v1.2 (8th Aug)
Tutorial & Download

Blackhawk Rom
Tutorial & Download

VillianROM v1 (lightweight)
Status: released (19th May 2011)
Release statement & Download
The one worth waiting for:

CYANOGEN MOD 7 (Android 2.3.7)
Cooper-kang-Beta 2 by grif_07 : CyanogenMod 7.1-cooper-KANG-BETA Android 2.3.5
CyanoAce RC 2 by BehradGH: CyanogenMod 7.1 Beta3 2.3.5 “Cyano Ace”
Official CM7: Undetermined

Other Minor Roms: X2.3
Instructions & download

SanGingerAce v3.5
Instructions & download

Instructions & download

BehradGH v2.0
Instructions & download

IlaRom V alpha
Instructions & download

CyceronPL V1.0
Instructions & download

Left out your favorite one? Let us know!