Requests page

If you have a request for any tutorial, submit your request in the form below. You can also choose to leave a comment on this page.

For now,these phones are supported-

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace
  • Micromax A70
  • Aakash/Ubislate

You can also request for in-depth app reviews.

If you are interested in contributing, refer ‘Contribute’ page.
Got any suggestions? We absolutely love feedback.
For any quick queries related to a post, leave a comment on that page.

1 thought on “Requests page

  1. I have a galaxy ace device and there are a few languages already installed (like english , hungarian etc [i’m hungarian]) so i’m learning swedish and russian and i want to use these languages on my phone but they’re not installed. i mean there’s no solution for these languages in the languages options menu. what can i do? how can i install them? thank you for your help 😀 -denyjol

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