The Always Up-to-Date Samsung Galaxy Ace’s Custom Roms Wiki

With a buttload of Custom Roms available for Samsung Galaxy Ace, One feels quite overwhelmed.
Here is a short but comprehensive Wiki of Major Roms available for your beloved phone.

Rooting & UnRooting

How to root?
How to unroot?


ODIN Tutorial
Samsung Kies Tutorial

ClockworkMod Recovery

Gingerbread Tutorial V5.0.2.6
Gingerbread Tutorial V4.0.0.9
Froyo Tutorial
What is CWM?


How to flash CF-Root kernel on Samsung Galaxy Ace (Gingerbread)
How to flash CF-Root kernel (Ex with BLN & swap) on Samsung Galaxy Ace (Gingerbread)
Overclock Kernel

Official/Leaked Stock ROMS:

Official Gingerbread 2.3.6: DDKQ8 (India)
Official Gingerbread 2.3.6: XWKT7 (Latest)
Official Gingerbread 2.3.5: XWKS9
Official Gingerbread 2.3.4: KQ5/KQ6
Official Gingerbread 2.3.3: KPW
Download All here


What Rom should I choose? (coming soon!!)

GingerReal (best by our judgement)

Status: V2.0
Baseband: XWKT7(2.3.6)/KPD/KPW/KQ5/KS9
Download & Instructions

Ace Of Spades v3 (Popular)

Jusada Original ICS Final (xda thread)
Baseband: 2.3.7

BlockBuster Rom v1.3
Baseband: KS9
Tutorial & Download

Blackhawk Rom
Baseband: KPN
Tutorial & Download

The one worth waiting for:


Official CM7.2: Latest Nightly | RC1

Unofficial Builds:
CyanogenMod-7.2.0-by-FAT-KANG (Most Stable) Tutorial

By Axel2033: CyanogenMod 7.2 cooper KANG RC1 Android 2.3.7 Tutorial

Android 4.0.3 Beta 8: More Info with Video


Status: RC2
More Info


Other Minor Roms:

StockLite v6.0 : xda thread
Baseband: DDKQ8 (2.3.6)

Imaginary ICS v4 (xda thread)
Baseband: XWKTE 2.3.6

The Myth : v1.0 | vBasic
Baseband: v1.0 = KS2
(2.3.5) | Basic= 2.3.6

Adrenaline Rom  (xda thread)
Based on Blackhawk Rom

MIUY 4 : xda thread
Based on Blackhawk Rom

Omega Series : xda thread
OmegaICS & OmegaROM v3

Glsmt Rom v3.0 : xda thread
Baseband:KS2 (2.3.5) (released 6th feb ’12)

SanGingerAce v3.6 Lite : xda thread
Baseband: KPH/KPY/KPD/KS3

SGS II by Team Adreno (xda thread)
Baseband: DDKQ8 2.3.6

MifloRom : xda thread
Baseband: XWKT7 2.3.6

MUSH69ROM : xda thread
Baseband: DXKPB (2.3.4)

Based On CyanogenMod 7 Beta |RC (Not Recommended for casual users)

Lewa Rom Official
Instructions & Download

RazrUI v5.1 : xda thread

The End v4.0 : xda thread
Baseband: CM 7.2 RC1 Kang

RadonMod v2.5 : xda thread
Baseband: CM 7.2

CyanogenMod7.2 RC1 by vo-1 MIRACLE Edition V2 : xda thread
Base: 7.2 RC1 by vo-1

WindowsPhone7 UI : xda thread

Gingercruzt V2.3 : xda thread
Baseband: CM7.2

Infinity : xda thread
Baseband: CM7.2 (updated 7th Jan ’12)

HanigenMod Final : xda thread

SecureGen V1.0 (xda thread)
CM7.2 with security enhanced for the paranoid

Based On CyanogenMod 9 Beta (Expect Bugs)

FerhatMod v2.1 : xda thread

With Arabic/Persian Support:

BehradGH Rom Series |v4 Ultimate 2
Baseband:KP9 | KPB
Instructions & download: KP9 | KPB

BehradGH Rom Series | PersianBread
Baseband: KPN/KPH
Instructions & download

Persian Gulf 1.1 : xda thread
Baseband: KP9

NoName V1.5 : xda thread
Baseband: KPA

Chinese Roms: xda thread


NoName Froyo v1 : xda thread
Baseband: KC1


VillianROM v1: (19th May 11)
(29th July ’11)
CodeROM NexusACE
(July ’11)
IlaRom V alpha (2nd August 11)
FirstUA-Rom v1.2 (8th Aug) X2.3 (Last Update: 1st Sep 11)
My-Ui 2 by Jusada (No longer available)
Icecream Sunday Final by Jusada (No longer available)
The Serious MOD (SGS II Styled ) (Last Update: 15th Jan ’12) [Dev. stopped]
CyceronPL V1.0 (Last Update: 30th July ’11)
Carbon Sunday Beta (Last Update: Feb ’12)
S>G<S 2 v5 (Last Update: 21st Mar ’12)
CM build by grif_07: CyanogenMod 7.1-Cooper-Kang-RC1 Android 2.3.7 | Video (Last Update: 10th Dec 2011)
CM build by BehradGH: CyanogenMod 7.1 RC2 2.3.7 “Cyano Ace” (Last Update: 10th Dec 2011)

Note: Do not install busybox on custom ROMs because they already exist in most custom ROMs, and also stock firmware with CF-Root installed.

Left out your favorite one? Let us know!

Official CM7.2: Latest Nightly | RC1

51 thoughts on “The Always Up-to-Date Samsung Galaxy Ace’s Custom Roms Wiki

  1. I get pleasure from, cause I found exactly what I used to bee having a lookk for.

    You’ve ended my four dayy long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day.

  2. Hi, great blog.
    I use myth 3 ( Lastmyth) with holo launcher and is flawless. You mencioned only v1.0 you the text , would you update?

  3. I cant connect ace to odin as i already installed cm 7 mode.
    what should i do now?
    is there any other way to get back original rom?

    • full reset your galaxy ace…
      press volume up key+home key+power on key at one time…then open a page then select third no. option reset factory…for up down press volume keys (+,-) and for selection press home key…then rebot ur handset & ur handset is start….

  4. Im currently rooted my Galaxy Ace and change to CM7.2, after rooted found many bugs like sound volume become low, many apps force close, camera quality… feel regret to use tis rom… planning to change rom… but donno why a lot ppl suggested tis CM7.2…

    • well our the only one who is facing these problems!! my phone has become faster and better then before with cm7.2
      make sure you are using a stale version(official is stable)

  5. I have a galaxy ace, I’ve rooted it and installed ics myth, is there anything better or is this as good as I can get

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  7. now m using 4.0.1 frmware… base virsion is ddkq8…..but now i wnt to unroot my mb n use 2.3.6 si wht cn i do??? plz help me plzzz

  8. Always up to date? I don’t think so. This page hasn’t been updated in a while. CM7.2 by vo-1 Miracle is on v4, now, you still have v2.

  9. maclaw has done a gr8 work……………………
    if camera starts 2 work, it is the best and stable rom for ace

  10. Hi,

    I think the CyanogenMod7.2 RC1 by vo-1 MIRACLE Edition V2 should not be in the section called “Minor ROMS”. I’m using it since 2 weeks ago and it’s the best ROM i’ve ever used on my Ace. Just give it a try! It have the most battery life, no lag, etc.

  11. Pingback: CyanogenMod 7.1 Vs GingerReal Vs Official 2.3.6 - Android Forums

    • For that you will need a CWM flashable package. So usually custom Roms can be flashed with that method. You can flash the stock firmware very easily using ODIN. Search the site for method.

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