How to flash CF-Root kernel on Samsung Galaxy Ace (Gingerbread)

CF-Root kernel is very popular kenel for Samsung Galaxy Ace. As of now all the Customs Roms are based on this kernel. Today we are going to show you how to flash this kernel on your stock Gingerbread. This tutorial is not meant for new users.

Note : This is not a custom firmware. It is only a kernel for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 . You do NOT need to wipe anything for this patch. This will  work with all versions of GB.

If you want the BLN version of this kernel. then refer this article:
>>How to flash CF-Root kernel (Ex with BLN & swap) on Samsung Galaxy Ace (Gingerbread)


  • You need to have a firmware already on your device.
  • Root

The “” package also contains a modified CWM required to work with this kernel.


  •  Root, su binary v2.3.2-efgh
  • Superuser v2.3.6.3
  • Busybox v1.17.2 for the boot image and v1.16.2  for the recovery image (from CWM)
  • A modified CWM
  • CWM Manager

    • Boot to CWM
    • Backup firmware
    • Restore backups (SGA: Do not use CWM Manager to restore any backup for now, use CWM Advance Backup directly)
    • Delete backups
    • Install APKs
    • Flash CWM’s
    • Flash kernels (zImage, zImage in TAR, zImage in ZIP, zImage in TAR in ZIP) (SGA: you have to rename boot.img to zImage)
  • Tweak Manager CF-Root includes a number of tweaks that are applied on startup. You can use to select which tweaks to apply.
    Kernel: Scheduler option always disabled on boot.
    Kernel scheduler tweak not working on S5830.
  • Ext4 Manager CF-Root supports ext4 mounts for the main mount points. Filesystem conversion between rfs and ext4, however, requires a secondary external package ‘CF-Root-S5830_ext4-v1.3u3.apk’ (Step 3).
    ou can use the “ext4” app to convert between filesystems, manually check the filesystem, etc.
    No need to revert back to rfs before flashing a new stock Gingerbread Rom. Tested using XXKPH, XWKPN, and DXKPB.

    • Show current filesystem status
    • Convert between rfs <=> ext4 and back
    • Manual fsck
    • Selects either internal or external sdcard for temporary storage, depending on which has the most space
    • Automatically reverts on conversion failure

    Please note that when first using the tool to convert, you will probably notice /system is not converted. If this happens, it is because /system does not have enough free space for the extra space overhead of ext4. You will need to free up some space on /system before the conversion will succeed.

  • Dark Tremor a2sd:
    A modified DT’s apps2sd to guarantee no interference with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS etc. (Step 4)
    By default, CF-Root  doesn’t automatically starts a2sd script during boot.
    Now have “DT: Auto start” option to turn on/off Darktremor’s a2sd script on boot. Don’t worry, Darktremor a2sd setting is persistent, even if you turn off the auto start script. It’s safer to turn a2sd auto start off!
  • Custom boot / init scripts
  • Custom boot animations and binaries


  1. Boot into default CWM4 recovery or Stock recovery.
  2. Flash
  3. Download the ‘CF-Root-S5830_ext4-v1.3u3.apk’ from below. Copy it to your SD card. Start CWM Manager & select “Install APK”, point to the APK and tap to install.
  4. Download “”. Copy it to the root of your SD card. Flash it using ‘Modified CWM recovery’ or CWM Manager. Flash update.
  5. Run Tweak Manager and select “DT: Auto start” option, then “Apply changes” to reboot your phone. When booting, bootloop will occur several times during DT apps2sd activation for the first time.


Download Links:
Kernel: (11.95 MB)
FS Converter: CF-Root-S5830_ext4-v1.3u3.apk(1.44 MB)

Important: Installing busybox over the included version is not recommended.
It is possible to install a custom busybox. However, this is not without risk. CF-Root makes heavy use of scripting, and many CF-Root scripts rely on the internal busybox version. If you do install a seperate busybox version (always use “stericson” installer!), install it to /system/xbin. Installing it to /system/bin will mess things up for sure. Even if you do that part right, it may still break CF-Root, so make sure to make a backup before trying.

Special thanks to the developers chainfire for developing the Kernel & ketut.kumajaya for porting it to SGA.
[via xda-developers]

13 thoughts on “How to flash CF-Root kernel on Samsung Galaxy Ace (Gingerbread)

  1. i don’t really understand kernels. i’m just looking for a kernel with swap support (nothing more) to be flashed to my ace with a custom rom called “IMAGINRAY ICS finalv4” because i want my phone to gain extra Ram.
    My firmware is BVKT6 “ORANGE” android GB 2.3.6
    please reply 🙂

  2. hey i have tried out many roms and did not like the performance of any of the custom roms and their looks are i flashed ddkq8 back on my ace..i read on xda that ddkq8 with cf root b83 kernel gives the best performance..will this work with ddkq8? and can i flash this through normal stock recovery or does it have to be cm5? plz reply

  3. What are benifits of installing this kernel…
    i tried it and converted fs to ext4 that just gave good benchmark..
    are there some good optimized kernels for ace?

    • **Which phone are you using? You should try down-sampling the videos in ‘asphalt5’ folder (which you moved to sd card.)** One is CF-Root. Other is Cyano Ace. And third variation is the OC one.
      Highly optimized kernels don’t exist for Ace. Advantages are DT a2sd support on GB. BLN & swap support apart from ext2/ext3 support.

      • ohhh..i am using ace (ofcourse m on acetips :P)

        i was just curious to see some optimized kernels exist or not to get more juice from ace…thnx btw

    • Extremely sorry. One of my comment of other post got merged with this. Actually custom kernels are hi-fi stuff. So you really need a developer for them not the ‘so-called devs with attitude’ of xda. I am not saying there are good devs at xda.

  4. I’m very pleased to find this site :D.I wanted to thanks for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.:D …,samsung is the #1 rival of apple ,the samsung galaxy s2 is awesome ! :D:D

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