[Sattire] The Great Samsung Kies!

Other day, I was taking backup of all the great things Samsung Kies makes available to a user: Contacts, Calendar and Memos. One would come to think that SMS will be a part of it. But NO! Even Nokia did that on S60 platform. So forget about backing up applications or call log etc.

So lets continue and trust Kies for atleast Contacts, Calendar and Memo. Now I installed CyanogenMod and realized no way Kies is going to detect my phone now. So I said to myself, “This is completely my fault. I should have thought of that before. No way this great piece of software from Sammy can be blamed for this.”

So I thought of opening my backups on PC. But wait! There comes the surprise.
Even though I was able to open my contacts and view them I wasn’t able to open my memos or calendar. Seriously, why the hell would someone want to encrypt text based memos in proprietary format so that they can’t be opened on PC.

Not to forget Kies keeps getting updates worth 50MB every now and then. Sammy really has the worst engineers working on kies. And Sammy’s love for proprietary format is hard to understand. Their Android phones bootanimations use proprietary format and can’t be changed on stock ROM. This is ironic for a company which has been saved only after embracing the open source Android. Without Android, Nokia would have kill Samsung Mobiles by now. The question is when is Samsung going to learn?


Get great Android games for 1 cent!

Update: The Humble Bundle has ended. Check back for another bundle soon.

Cheep games often means bad quality, right? Well not this time!
Introducing the Humble Bundle for Android (and Mac and Windows and Linux) 2!
Humble Bundle Logo
Humble Bundle is a collection of games for multiple platforms and you get to choose the price, from 1 cent to a billion dollars!

In the Humble Bundle you get;
Zen Bound
Zen Bound 2
Snuggle Truck and Smuggle Truck
Snuggle Truck and Smuggle Truck

…and if you pay more than the average ($6.41 at time of writing) you get;
Swords and Soldiers
Swords and Soldiers

You get to choose where your money goes, and a proportion of profits go to charity.
If you spend more than $1 you get product keys to use on Steam as well!
These games are great, and they run on all platforms, however you have to be quick, as there is less than 8 hours to go until the bundle ends!

Check the counter to see how much time is left and grab the bundle from here!

Fool your friends (or yourself!)

With April Fools day fast approaching,  here’s a fun little app to trick your friends into believing that your phone can charge itself using the power of the sun!

The app is called Solar Charger, so you probably know where this is heading!
When you launch the app, your screen displays a fake PV panel. Along the side of the screen, there is a spoof VU meter that adjusts depending on the light level reaching your phone’s light sensor, and can be hidden to show the rest of the panel.

You can adjust what the panel looks like from a selection of 3 styles.
It even warns you when there is too little light!

The most hilarious part of this app is that when you press the Menu button on your device, you can read some Play Store reviews, some that claim that it doesn’t work, and others that claim it does!

However, on a more serious note, scientists and engineers are working on transparent solar panels that could eventually make their way to mobile devices and enable your screen to become a PV panel.

The app is available now for free on Google Play.

Let us know about any pranks you have played with this app!

Android App & AutoItScript Checks for CyanogenMod Nightlies every 5 Minutes!! [Download]

Well, can’t wait for the much awaited CyanogenMod 7 nightlies? Courtesy to guys at XDA, here is an Android App & an AutoIT script for windows which checks whether the nightly has been posted at CM7 site under the device name cooper or not.

So choose any of the method below so that you’re first to know about the nightly.

Note: The script & the executable is only for windows users (or through Wine on Linux)

$refreshTime = 300000 ;interval to check for cooper nightly in ms

while 1
	InetGet("http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?type=nightly", @ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage")
	$file = FileOpen(@ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage", 0)
	$html = FileRead(@ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage")

	If StringInStr($html, "device=cooper&type=nightly") > 0 Then
		FileDelete( @ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage")
		MsgBox(64, "Nightly available.", "Cooper has been added to nightlies!")
		FileDelete( @ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage")

[via Xda-developers]

Make Your Own Real Android Robot!!

Google did a pretty good job while selecting a mascot/logo. The little green bot is nothing less than awesome whether it comes to small icons or full 3-D figurines. But how about a figurine that responds to your touch, winks & even transmits morse code. Pretty darn cool!!

So seeing how commonly hacked Android is, when Instructables member Tanabata decided to hack a figurine to make it responsive–the Android robot is, of course, the natural choice.

Tanabata’s Mechanized Android Figure moves its head, displays light patterns, reacts to sound, and can send out messages in morse code. His model is from DYZPLASTIC, but you could use this hack on any figurine you have lying around that you don’t mind altering. From there. you’re going to need a whole lot of supplies–think four types of LED and resistors, plastic and metal micro servos, a Piezo and power supply to name but a few. Fortunately the full instructions and shopping list (with links!) are available on Instuctables to follow.

After a bit of wiring (remembering to keep things small) all the gear up, then prising open the firgurine to add the servo and put all of your work inside the model, the hack is almost complete. All it needs is a bit of modding for the microphone as well as the software for the morse code, which is explained fully by Tanabata as well as a source given for the software. Then your creation is complete!

Check out this video of an Android robot in action. How alert does he look now?

[Instructables via Gizmodo]