Android 2.3.6 XWKT7 for Samsung Galaxy Ace

Previously we wrote about availability of Android 2.3.5 by Sammy & suspected how it might be looking towards 2.3.7 & possibly ICS (4.0). One step forward in that direction, Samsung has now released Android v2.3.6 for Samsung Galaxy Ace for countries like Denmark, Finland etc.


Phone: S5830XWKT3
Region: Nordic Countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden)
Android 2.3.6

Download Link (Password:


  1. Download the one package file from above.
  2. Flash it with ODIN using the ‘onepackage method‘ using this tutorial

Changelog: (Incomplete)
Some icons like headphones etc.

Notice any other change? Let us & others know in comments below.

[via Xda]

33 thoughts on “Android 2.3.6 XWKT7 for Samsung Galaxy Ace

  1. my galaxy ace is xwkt7 nd its not root…. plz tell me how can i root it. its software is reintalled nd show the yes optus logo at start up.
    i want to root it plz help me guyzzzzz

  2. I’m looking for a list of pros and cons. I see their is camera problems. I’m running The Myth at the moment. It is brilliant, but it takes up all the internal memory. I can only install two to three apps at a time. Also I’m in South-Africa. what problems can i expect if the region do not match

    • Try clearing your dalvik cache. Reboot

      Else reflash 2.3.6 via Odin.

      Otherwise this might be a problem with your sd card.

  3. hi i updated my galaxy ace to 2.3.6, after updating there are some lags.. 1 is that whenever i click image by camera it is shot perfectly at that time and appears in gallery but after some time there is no image in gallery rather it shows broken image with dark black background..2nd wheneva i download app like skype or bakerystory it shows problem parsing the package file.. 3rd it switches off often without any reason… plz help me what to do.. thanx

  4. Does this work well with North American countries such as Canada? Or does region simply narrow down the available languages for the phone?

    • What is the error you’re getting? Does camera crashes after start? First try installing some camera app from android market and test it? You problem may have occurred due to flashing of 2.3.6 on some customized firmware. Simply wipe dalvik cache & reflash again by odin.

  5. Hi Friends,

    After i successfully upgrade to 2.3.6, my camera not working, cant close also. pl guide me to rectify this problem

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