How to Install Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM) V5 on Samsung Galaxy Ace (Gingerbread)

ClockworkMod Recovery is very useful over the stock Recovery. It provides you with lot of additional options to work with. Samsung Galaxy Ace users can now have this ClockworkMod or CWM recovery.

Previously we showed how to install the CWM V4 on your Samsung Galaxy Ace & we showed you 4 methods of doing that.

There are a multitude of benefits of installing CWM on your phone & v5 is necessary if you are installing some new CM7 builds. This version is also known as Cyanogenmod recovery.

NOTE: The lastest version of this article has moved here. Please bookmark the new site.

Install CWM 4 first. (Tutorial)

  1. Download ClockworkModRecovery (Applicable to Gingerbread)
  2. Once the CWM zip file is downloaded, place it to your sdcard.
  3. Now reboot in CWM recovery v4 (By pressing and holding Power button+Menu button during boot)
  4. Select ‘Apply Update from SDcard‘ and select the CWM zip file placed in your sdcard. (Note: If your zip file isn’t named as, please select option “Choose zip from sdcard” and select the .zip downloaded above).
  5. Restart from recovery. For verifying, go into recovery again. You will find that recovery has been updated to CWM Recovery.

Done! Enjoy!
(Note: This tutorial was re-verified in Aug ’12)

37 thoughts on “How to Install Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM) V5 on Samsung Galaxy Ace (Gingerbread)

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  2. Hello buddy, i need some help. I tried to root my samsung galaxy ace android version 2.3.5.
    After rooted when i tried to link2sd it said i have no permission to root access.
    But i got superUser. Then i unroot my phone. After unroot my phone i install ClockworkModRecovery If i try to open cwm it says i need superUser access to function. Now how can i remove ClockworkModRecovery
    Can you please help me?
    Sorry for bad English.

    • listen bro this thing really sucks and at the end it blew my phone
      so dont recommend any other iddiot to do so.
      yours faithfully and loving

  3. I am using Model Samsung Galaxy ace Duos Gt 6802.Android version is 2.3.6. I cannot install any version of clockwordmod recovery. My phone is rooted already. When I try to install zip from SD card, it says bla bla and then installation abortedks.. Sometimes it shows Status 7 erros. No files works. Even Rz Recovery zip files dont work. Help me out please.

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  6. I want to install CWM recovery on my galaxy ace. But I wiped off the cache and data due to which installation gets aborted. please provide an input.

  7. Hi, I am using Cyanogen mod 7.1 with CWM v4. Can I install Cyanogen mod 7.2 without having CWM v5? or If I want to install CWM v5, can I just follow your steps.. Note that I am not using stock rom Gingerbread anymore.

    Thank you… ^_^

  8. big problem to me…………
    because after installing this in my phone,,
    its hung/stuck in opening logo of cp!!!!
    i dont what to do,,,,,,,,,,,

    so please help me to solve my problem,,,,,,,,,,


  9. I need help… I’ve installed the CWM in my Samsung Galaxy Ace without flashing the CWM 4 before, so now i’m confused. Now i don’t know if i can use the CWM and i dont want to damage my phone, and i’m trying to understand how to remove the CWM so i can do the process right. Please Help…

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  11. please help….

    Went to install ics, now when i turn the phone on its stays on the galaxy ace start up screen,
    cant factory reset HELP!!!

  12. I have a SGA at stock 2.3.4 gingerbread DDKQ5 (with stock Android recovery).
    I want to know if installing CWMv5 poses any risks to my Ace.I don’t want to brick my phone.Has anyone faced any problems during installation?
    Thank you in advance.

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  14. I have been reading other instructions at XDA as well, some of them are really complicated; using terminal commands, odin etc. Your instructions are far more easier. I have two questions before this:

    I’m currently on GrBd 2.3.3 stock + Rooted (using your instructions – installed from sd card)
    1: Would this method for CWM be permanent or is this ‘Fake Flash’ – gone after rebooting
    2: Do you need have GB 2.3.4 or can you install CWM straight away
    Thank you very much.

      • 1: Permanent, that’s great !
        2: Well I’m on 2.3.3 still because I’m new to flashing I still haven’t taken the risk to upgrade to newer roms. But ever since I found about your website, XDA etc I’ve been experimenting.

        That’s why I just wanted to make sure whether CWM version 5 could be installed on GB 2.3.3 or whether I needed to upgrade to latest versions like 2.3.4,2.3.7 etc before hand to avoid Bricking. But otherwise thank you very much Gourav, keep up the good work buddy.

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