About Site

This blog is dedicated to Android !!

Our motto: To provide Tutorials in a manner which is easy to understand & follow.

You can come to expect in-depth and tested tutorials and reviews!!

This blog was launched with Samsung Galaxy Ace in mind.
We quickly expanded with Micromax A70 & then an App Review section.
The latest additions are coverage of Aakash tablet & Android 4 ‘ICS’.

Tutorials for other phones will be added later.

If you are interested in contributing, refer ‘Contribute’ page.
If you have a request, refer ‘Requests’ page.
Got any suggestions, we absolutely love feedback.
For any quick queries related to a post, leave a comment on that page.
For general queries, you can send in a mail to tips.ace@gmail.com with ‘Help’ in subject field.
If you would like to exchange links. Drop in a mail.

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