How to Overclock Samsung Galaxy Ace

Custom kernels are Hi-fi stuff. They unlock awesome features on your phone. We previously showed you how to flash the CF-Root Custom Kernel on Ace with BLN & Swap support. Today its time for overclock.

For overclock/underclock capabilities, you need to have a custom kernel that supports it. Thanks to the efforts of ketut.kumajaya , this is now possible on Samsung Galaxy Ace.

For now this will only work on the cyanogenmod 7 builds only . Refer here.


  1. Install cyanogenmod7 build if not already on it.
  2. Download the overclock kernel “”
  3. Flash it using the CWM recovery.
  4. Reboot & goto CM7 settings. Or use the SetCPU app for overclocking.

People are reporting 864,883 & even 940 MHz options as stable. Phone instantly reboots above those. It is not recommended to use too high a value. You will need to experiment for a stable value. Start from 800 and and go 1 level above at a time. Test for about half an hour atleast.

An undervolt module is yet not made for Ace. Till then be happy with whatever extra Hz you are getting.

images by Ketut.
[via xda-developers]

18 thoughts on “How to Overclock Samsung Galaxy Ace

  1. There is no need to oveclock this phone (processor is very old [one core] and overclocking is pointless). It won’t give you anything.

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  3. the galaxy ace is 800mhz while the iphone 4 is 1ghz already but i more like the galaxy ace cause of its design but since i read this website i would still vote ace but i still did not try the over clocking cause of the comments below that there is no guarantee that all of galxy ace can be overclock without any problems………………..

  4. im planning to buy this phone and i read this comment above and sometimes overclocking doesnt work properly im a little bit confused

  5. Hi ,

    like the look of this but when I try and install oc from zip it starts and then aborts – tried several times and downloaded file again etc but no go , any one able to help ?


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