Poweramp v2.0 beta In-Depth Review

Poweramp, if you don’t already know, is a very popular Music Player for Android. There are some other music players which come par with Poweramp in terms of features (like PlayerPro) while there are some which beat it in terms of UI (like Ubermusic).
But come v2.0, this is about to change.

Download PowerAMP v2.0-build-443-beta-3

In today’s in depth review, we have a look at Poweramp v2.0 beta. And frankly speaking, we ran out of ran out of superlatives before reaching the end of this review.

So let’s start right from the Now Playing screen.

Now playing Screen:

We loved the portrait mode especially the cover flow animation(Swipe Left/Right) for changing song.

The Now Playing screen is very feature rich which really helps in quick access:


  • Play/Pause key (Long Press to Stop)
  • Next (Long Press to Forward)
  • Prev (Long Press to Rewind)
  • Next list
  • Prev list
  • Seek Bar
    The way seek bar gets highlighted (becomes thick & glossy) is very pleasing to eyes & to use.
  • Song name (Press for current list/Long press for Parent list)
    This in our opinion is very intelligent use of the available space
  • Song Info (Frequency, Bps, File format)

Album art:

The album art reveals a host of more features when tapped:

  • Shuffle: Shuffle All/ Shuffle Songs with Lists in order/ Shuffle Lists with Songs in Order/ Shuffle both /Off
  • Repeat : Repeat List/Jump to next list/ Repeat Song/ Off
  • Rating
  • Equalizer On/Off
  • Equalizer Presets: A list will pop up when tapped for quick selection
  • Tone On/Off

On long press:
You can select Album Art which will be access from Intetnet.
You can even select an Image from SD card if you like.

Context Menu:

The context menu contains all the features you can think of.

  • Folders / Player/Library
    • Has list options further customizable
  • Search: This option is often overlooked in Android Music players. The flip animation is pretty slick when yoy click on search.
  • Add to playlist: You also have a feature of creating a new playlist right from there which is again missing from apps like Ubermusic.
  • Lyrics: You can search the internet for lyrics if you don’t already have embeedded lyrics. Also the app suggests you to install Musixmatch plugin for searching lyrics.
  • More: Reveals the full Contect Menu
  • Delete the song (which again you can find very rarely in other Music Players)
  • Info/Tag : Now this feature really gives an edge to Poweramp. This is due to the inbuilt tag editor in the app.
  • Equalizer: This will open up the full equalizer screen. The one feature that is very useful is Preamp which really boosts up the volume. Push the preamp to top and You will really note the difference.
  • Sleep: Set a timer after which Poweramp will quit.
  • Settings : Go to the settings screen
  • Set the current song as Ringtone
  • Help: Now this is a feature that blew us away. What tapping on Help does is that it pops up Screen Specific Tips on the current screen. Try that on Now Playing. We really didn’t know of long press to Forward/Rewind until we clicked help.

List Options : The Folders/Library menu is further customizable in whichever way you like.

You can select what options you would like to show in the Library Screen

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