Poweramp v2.0 beta In-Depth Review : Verdict

Sold? Wait, there’s more!!

These features didn’t make it to beta but will be in final 2.0 release:

  • 4×1, 4×2, 2×2 home screen widgets
  • couple of extra skins (external apk/jars)
  • widget pack compatibility
  • Better skins for tablets.
  • Help update (as if the current help was anything short of awesome)
  • Skin SDK : The most important feature that will open a vista of customization opportunities.
  • sSettings backup to sd card/restore ( Thank God!!)


As with all betas, there are a few bugs that linger around. We inevitably found these shortcomings:

  • The app seems a sluggish while editing tags & searching album art. While saving new tags, they were not immediately available for searching lyrics. You have to change song & come back to take effects
  • If you change orientation it will lose the downloaded album art in ‘Select Album Art’ pop up.
  • The library view should be default
  • The context menu on ‘Now Playing’ screen can streamlined.
  • Songs take a liitle time to go to next. You can’t change songs too quicky by repeatedly pressing next.

Features missing:

  • No ‘Change song by volume rocker’ Feature at lockscreen.
  • Portrait LockScreen

Users have come to expect very high of Max. You can see the nature of the requests at Poweramp’s forum. Some of the stuff will just bypass your understanding. In the end its a quality driven product.

Max is leaving no stone unturned to take Poweramp to the next level & It is showing.

Feeling Nostradamus, are we?

Finally, its time for a prediction. We predict that this app will certainly be the final nail in the coffin for iPod. It will truly become a platform defining app for the Android. This will be to Android what Halo is to the Xbox.

Poweramp 2.0 final will be available next month at Android Market. You can try the time limited beta for now.

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2 thoughts on “Poweramp v2.0 beta In-Depth Review : Verdict

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