How to apply a custom bootanimation on Samsung Galaxy Ace (Custom Roms)

Installing custom boot animations on A70 is very easy.

  • Samung Galaxy Ace with any Custom Rom such as CyanogenMod
  • Root Explorer
  • Any HVGA boot animation (Important: Only use HVGA. Higher resolution one won’t work)

To show you what we are talking about, here is an example of a custom bootanimation:
Android Particle Ring by Dysgenic (Modified by aph):

Android Particle Ring Bootanimation Cyan Android Particle Ring Bootanimation RedDownload

The Droids series by Dysgenic:

AndroidGlow1 AndroidGlow2

AndroidMinimal1 AndroidParticles2



Download more @ Make sure it is in HVGA format.

Method 1

  1. Connect your phone to your computer via USB and mount the storage card for file transfer.
  2. Copy the file that you want to install, to your SD card.
  3. Unmount USB storage and launch the file browser of your choice on your phone.
  4. Browse to /system/media using a file manager like Root Explorer, copy the existing file from there and paste it somewhere safe on your SD card as a backup.
  5. Browse to the location on the SD card where you copied the new and copy paste it to /system/media.
    If you are using Super Manager, you will have to enable its root function first from the settings. Furthermore, you may need to mount the /system partition as read-write first too upon entering it.

Method 2: Via ADB

  1. Enable USB debugging on your device in Settings > Applications > Development.
  2. Connect your device to the computer via USB.
  3. Launch a command prompt/terminal window on your computer.
  4. Navigate to the location where you have the file saved.
  5. Enter these commands:
    adb pull /system/media/ c:\
    adb remount
    adb push /system/media/

Whichever method you used, you should now have the new boot animation successfully installed on your device. Simply restart it and you should see it running upon boot.

Voila, you’re done. Flaunt your new boot animation to your friends. Tell us your favorite in the comments below and if we like it we will share it with our readers.

How To Take And Restore Nandroid Backups?

Nandroid Backups

Nandroid backups are nothing but a fancy name for ‘taking a backup of everything in NAND flash’. This is a great way to take a backup of your ROM’s before doing any changes to your phone and if it all goes bad, you can use ClockWorkMod to do a NANDROID restore and get your phone back to the time you did the backup. Both the backup and restore are handled by ClockWorkMod Recovery.

Some applications are also there which make backups but they only backup system and user applications with data, cache. This advanced root backup method takes a snapshot of your internal memory and its system partitions.

As a rule of the thumb, it is highly recommend to perform a Nandroid backup, before making any customizations to the ROM.

  • Have the charging of phone to satisfactory level. More than half will do.
  • Check that your SD card or external memory has sufficient space. If there’s 1-2GB free spaces then you are in the green to move  ahead.

How to make Nandroid backup?

  • Reboot into the recovery by holding home key apart from power key during boot.
  • After booting into the clockworkMod recovery, navigate to the “Backup and Restore“.
  • Now select the “Backup”. This by default creates a Nandroid backup.
  • The process will start and will take a few minutes to complete.

And you’re done. Your backup will be stored in “sd/clockworkmod” directory with the Timestamp as filename. You can leave it on the sd card or move it your computer.

How to restore Nandroid backup.

There’s two restore option, normal restore and advanced restore. Normal restore option restore boot, system, data, cache, SD-ext, files. The advanced option lets you select which item should restore. You can select either option according to your need.

If you moved your previous backup files to any other storage devices, such as a computer, copy them into your phone’s SD card “clockworkmod” folder.

  • Reboot into the recovery.
  • Navigate to “backup and restore”
  • Select “Restore”.
  • Now select “Restore or Advanced” depending upon your needs.
  • If you have several backed up files, now select which file should use.
  • Normal restore select “Yes – Restore”
  • Advanced restore select which item should restore. Next select “Yes – Restore XXXX”.
  • Wait while the process completes. You can track the progress at the bottom of the screen.

And you’re done!

Q. What things are left out in a nandroid backup? Are kernels included?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I restore a nandroid backup of Froyo while on Gingerbread?
A. NO. You will have to flash a froyo build first.

Q. Can I restore a nandroid backup of CyanogenMod 7 while on CyanogenMod 9 (Android 4.0) ?
A. Yes. This is beacuse CM9 for the Ace still uses the old 2.6 linux kernel (same as the GB kernel) because linux kernel 3.x of ICS is difficult to port to our device! Same goes for CyanogenMod 10.

Q. Can I restore a Nandroid backup of GB 2.3.3 (say) while on GB 2.3.7 or any other 2.3.x? If yes, what if I am on different kernel than the backup kernel, can i still do it?
A. Yes. Since kernels are included, yes.

Q. Suppose I am on 2.3.x based custom rom (say MIUI) and I restore a 2.3.x based CyanogenMod Nandroid backup, will I get my whole CM back or all my apps/settings of CM on MIUI?
A. You will get the whole of CyanogenMod back.


How to install RZRecovery on Micromax A70

We have already showed you how to install CWM recovery 4 & 5 on Micromax A70. Another alternative to CWM is RZ Recovery.



  1. Extract the zip file to C:\
  2. Rename the downloaded recovery to “recovery5.img” (or whatever you like)
  3. Turn off your mobile. While holding the camera key, connect your device to your computer via USB and wait till you see ‘fastboot USB’ on the screen.
  4. Open command prompt & type the following command:.
    fastboot-windows flash recovery recovery5.img
  5. Type:
    fastboot-windows reboot
  6. Done!! Check the new recovery.


The new recovery is better and awesome than CWM in the opinion of many users at androidforums. Nevertheless, it will never hurt to give it a shot.

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How to install ClockworkMod Recovery 5 (CWM) on Micromax A70

ClockworkMod Recovery is great functionality to be added to an android phone. It can make your phone virtually brick-proof. Installing custom Roms & taking backups becomes a matter of clicks. But that’s not all. There is vista of different things you can do with it like partitioning your sd card, flashing a zip file etc. Previously we showed you how to install version 4, now its time for version So without further ado, here we go.



How to get ADB working with Micromax A70 [Linux]

There were some problems in getting ADB to work with Micromax A70. Not any more..

JDK- How To Install Oracle Java 7 (JDK) In Ubuntu ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog
SDK- Google it.


  1. Install JDK and SDK. (Link to JDK 7 is given above)
  2. Download tar.gz package & extract it.
  3. In terminal
    cd /home/user/extracted_folder/android-sdk-linux_x86/tools
  4. Download all necessary packages by clicking on “Available packages” and checking “Android Repository”. Then click on “install selected” button and another window will pop up. Check “accept all” and click on “install” button. Wait and you will have all SDK packages installed,adb too.
    sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/99-android.rules
  5. Then paste following in it.
    SUBSYSTEM==”usb”, SYSFS{idVendor}==”1d91″, MODE=”0666″Save & Exit.For ubuntu 11.04,paste this.(i m not sure of this but found in more then 2 guides)
    SUBSYSTEMS==”usb”, ATTRS{idVendor}==”1d91″ TEST==”/var/run/ConsoleKit/database”, RUN+=”udev-acl –action=$env{action} –device=$env{DEVNAME}”
  6. Save & exit.
    sudo chmod a+rx /etc/udev/rules.d/99-android.rules
    sudo service udev restart
    sudo gedit .bashrc
  7. At the end paste this-
    export PATH=${PATH}:/home/YOUR-USERNAME/android-sdk-linux_x86/platform-tools
    (this may change according to your android-sdk directory)(Upto this point credit goes to xda developer ciaox,here is link to his tutorial,
    [LINUX][HOW-TO]ADB not working? Check this out! – xda-developers
  8. source ~/.bashrc
    reboot pc. (Optional)
  9. In terminal
    mkdir -p ~/.android && echo 0x1d91 > ~/.android/adb_usb.ini && adb kill-server && adb devices

And you’re done.

Credits go to- mastermind1024

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How to Get Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Lockscreen Now on Your Phone

The latest edition of Android, version 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich has quite some stuff that will blow you away. The first & foremost feature one will notice in an Android 4 device is its Lockscreen. Its has a clean minimal look and even takes you to swipe less area (almost half) to unlock than previous iterations of Android. The little animation that invites & hints to unlock is novel & looks beautiful.

With our favorite lockscreen app, WidgetLocker, you can now get the Ice Cream Sandwich’s lockscreen now on your phone regardless of which phone you are on & which firmware you have installed. Continue reading

Modded Stock Rom DRoidMaxxV2 -2.2.1 for Micromax A70

Another modded stock Rom has appeared on Android Forums for A70.


  • Rooted (can be done using z4root. Refer How to root?)
  • Deodexed (there is nothing to deodex on A70)
  • APK’s Zipaligned (better RAM utilization)
  • Darktremor Apps2SD v2.7.5.2 + fix. (SD card needs to be partitioned. Refer How to partition my Sd card?)
  • Nano added
  • Bash added
  • Custom bootanimation (can be done even without rooting Refer here)
  • No Ads Host file
  • Zeam launcher (Android Market Launcher)
  • dalvik to sd
  • vm 48
  • Tweaks like internet speed
  • 3G turbo
  • V6 supercharger Script (Tutorial)
  • Removed Stock Apps (Tutorial)

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How to make Video calls on Micromax A70 [Fring]

The Android platform doesn’t support Video calling over 3G network natively on Froyo. So what to do with the secondary camera of A70. The Micromax A70 can make Video calls using an app called ‘Fring’.

Fring is a very popular app available for many platforms.

  • Group Video Chat, Voice Calls & Text Chat
  • Group Video Chat with 4 friends video chat at the same time!
  • Video chat with DVQ™ technology (more below) on 3G,4G & WiFi
  • Free calls to other fring users worldwide
  • Free live text chat (no more expensive SMS) Continue reading

Install V6 SuperCharger Script on Micromax A70

The V6 Supercharger Script is an excellent tool to fix memory management on Android 2.3, just because the Android OS is very aggressive in memory management.

Some Advantages of using this script:

  • Because we have only 180 MB of RAM and Android 2.3 is very aggressive on memory management, closing any application that is in the background, such as music player, streaming music, to let free RAM. But in practice this does not happen very well.
  • With this script, you will be able to browse the Internet using any browser with multiple tabs opened and listening to music or play games listening to your favorite music, without closing the applications and Widgets in the background.
  • This is also good for those with Widgets that need to be running in the background to be refreshed, such as Gmail Notifier, Digital Clock Widget and Extended Controls.
  • No more Home Launcher Redraws

So without further ado, here we go.


  • Busybox
    Install Busybox 1.18.2 or Lower (Known problems with 1.18.3 & above)
  • Script manager (Make sure you install this in internal memory)
  • V6 Supercharger update8 script  LINK
  • Root Explorer (You must be rooted) Continue reading

Install Latest Roboto Ice Cream Sandwich Font on Micromax A70

Roboto is the latest typeface for Ice Cream Sandwich that is going to be in the all new Android smartphones. Roboto has been made from scratch by Android at Google exclusively keeping small screens in mind.

Now, since Samsung Smartphones support installing Custom FlipFonts on stock firmwares you can easily get Roboto on your beloved Samsung phone. Here are the instructions to do so:



  1. Download the zip file from here. Copy it to the Root of your SD card.
  2. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery & Flash it using “Select zip from SD card”.
  3. Reboot. And you’re done!

Note that if you are downloading Roboto from elsewhere, there are some versions that are not working. The above version has been tested by us.

As you can see Roboto displays text better & Consumes less space for the same amount of thickness without loss in clarity.
Credits (for the Flashable zip)