Install V6 SuperCharger Script on Micromax A70

The V6 Supercharger Script is an excellent tool to fix memory management on Android 2.3, just because the Android OS is very aggressive in memory management.

Some Advantages of using this script:

  • Because we have only 180 MB of RAM and Android 2.3 is very aggressive on memory management, closing any application that is in the background, such as music player, streaming music, to let free RAM. But in practice this does not happen very well.
  • With this script, you will be able to browse the Internet using any browser with multiple tabs opened and listening to music or play games listening to your favorite music, without closing the applications and Widgets in the background.
  • This is also good for those with Widgets that need to be running in the background to be refreshed, such as Gmail Notifier, Digital Clock Widget and Extended Controls.
  • No more Home Launcher Redraws

So without further ado, here we go.


  • Busybox
    Install Busybox 1.18.2 or Lower (Known problems with 1.18.3 & above)
  • Script manager (Make sure you install this in internal memory)
  • V6 Supercharger update8 script  LINK
  • Root Explorer (You must be rooted)


  1. Install busybox if you haven’t done so already.

  2. Move ‘V6 Supercharger update8‘ script downloaded above to root of your sd card.
  3. Run Script manager.

    Press the Menu button and go to More and then in Advanced Options and now in Config and tick “browse as root“.

    Now load your downloaded V6 Supercharger script. Check  “run as root” & run the script.
  4. You will see the script running. Touch the screen for the soft keyboard & choose a scrolling speed from 1-3.
  5. Now you will see an option from 1-17 it has different value each option, select option 6 (balance 3). You can try other options. Now press enter after typing # 6, wait to finish the scipt from running.
  6. Now type option 16 to reboot the phone, the script will autorun.

And you’re done!!

To check that the script is running and working, Run the ‘V6 Supercharger’ from script manager & check the output to be something like below. (minfree values & launcher)

So did you already have this script? Why do you like this script? Notice improvements? Let your heart out in the comments section below.
Original Thread by Zeppelinrox
Visual Tutorial by MalarKeY007

3 thoughts on “Install V6 SuperCharger Script on Micromax A70

  1. This worked like a charm!
    Thanks you for your work!

    GT-S5830 DTLKI4 CM7.2.0-RC0-GalaxyAce-KANG
    V6 SuperCharger Script

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