How to Get Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Lockscreen Now on Your Phone

The latest edition of Android, version 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich has quite some stuff that will blow you away. The first & foremost feature one will notice in an Android 4 device is its Lockscreen. Its has a clean minimal look and even takes you to swipe less area (almost half) to unlock than previous iterations of Android. The little animation that invites & hints to unlock is novel & looks beautiful.

With our favorite lockscreen app, WidgetLocker, you can now get the Ice Cream Sandwich’s lockscreen now on your phone regardless of which phone you are on & which firmware you have installed.

WidgetLocker further allows you to customize the actions. We customized it as shown below (Screenshots of screen when you touch it). The left one is the default lockscreen as shown on the Galaxy Nexus. The right one is what we find more useful.

So which is your favorite lockscreen app. Would you like an in-depth WidgetLocker review?
Feel free to share with us & our readers your Lockscreen screenshot.

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