How to install ClockworkMod Recovery 4 (CWM) on Micromax A70

Previously we showed you how to root A70. Now its time for ClockworkMod Recovery.

ClockworkMod Recovery is great functionality to be added to an android phone. It can make your phone virtually brick-proof. Installing custom Roms & taking backups becomes a matter of clicks. But that’s not all. There is vista of different things you can do with it like partitioning your sd card, flashing a zip file etc. So without further ado, here we go.


  1. Rooted Micromax A70
  2. Battery charged at 50-60% (A full charge will be better).
  3. ROM Manager app
  4. An active internet connection


  1. Open ROM Manager. Tap on Flash ClockWorkModRecovery.
    Rom manager screenshot1
  2. Select “A70” from the list of devices that pop up. Wait for the download  to complete and flash the recovery Image.
    Rom manager screenshot2
  3. It will take some time to download & install the files. Once Done, tap on Reboot Into Recovery.
  4. Your Phone will be reboot into ClockWorkModRecovery.

In CWM recovery, use volume rocker to move up & down. Power key will act as select button.

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9 thoughts on “How to install ClockworkMod Recovery 4 (CWM) on Micromax A70

  1. I have installed the ClockworkMod v4.0.1.5 on my Micromax A70 but on selecting the “Reboot into Recovery” option i always get the default android recovery menu and not the ClockworkMod revovery menu.

    What should i do.. ?

      • I tried re-installing ClockworkMod but this time the device hangs with the Micromax logo and doesn’t proceed to the Recovery menu. Even if i remove the battery and try pressing Power+vol. down button, it gets stuck on the Micromax logo. What should i do now ?

      • Though installing the CWM Recovery through ROM Manager didn’t work, i tried installing it by flashing the recovery image through fastboot (as mentioned in the thread) and it got installed in a flash.


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