How to apply a custom bootanimation on Samsung Galaxy Ace (Custom Roms)

Installing custom boot animations on A70 is very easy.

  • Samung Galaxy Ace with any Custom Rom such as CyanogenMod
  • Root Explorer
  • Any HVGA boot animation (Important: Only use HVGA. Higher resolution one won’t work)

To show you what we are talking about, here is an example of a custom bootanimation:
Android Particle Ring by Dysgenic (Modified by aph):

Android Particle Ring Bootanimation Cyan Android Particle Ring Bootanimation RedDownload

The Droids series by Dysgenic:

AndroidGlow1 AndroidGlow2

AndroidMinimal1 AndroidParticles2



Download more @ Make sure it is in HVGA format.

Method 1

  1. Connect your phone to your computer via USB and mount the storage card for file transfer.
  2. Copy the file that you want to install, to your SD card.
  3. Unmount USB storage and launch the file browser of your choice on your phone.
  4. Browse to /system/media using a file manager like Root Explorer, copy the existing file from there and paste it somewhere safe on your SD card as a backup.
  5. Browse to the location on the SD card where you copied the new and copy paste it to /system/media.
    If you are using Super Manager, you will have to enable its root function first from the settings. Furthermore, you may need to mount the /system partition as read-write first too upon entering it.

Method 2: Via ADB

  1. Enable USB debugging on your device in Settings > Applications > Development.
  2. Connect your device to the computer via USB.
  3. Launch a command prompt/terminal window on your computer.
  4. Navigate to the location where you have the file saved.
  5. Enter these commands:
    adb pull /system/media/ c:\
    adb remount
    adb push /system/media/

Whichever method you used, you should now have the new boot animation successfully installed on your device. Simply restart it and you should see it running upon boot.

Voila, you’re done. Flaunt your new boot animation to your friends. Tell us your favorite in the comments below and if we like it we will share it with our readers.

2 thoughts on “How to apply a custom bootanimation on Samsung Galaxy Ace (Custom Roms)

  1. hey, boot animation is wich type of rom.. does it make change to operating system or full operating system is being changed.. ? i want to download it so plz rply asap..

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