Android 2.3.5 XWKS9 for Samsung Galaxy Ace

UPDATE : Seems like Sammy wants to go upto 2.3.7 or possibly upto 4.0?!! We won’t mind that. Perhaps ICS? So the firmware is available with 2 CSC’s. Just so that you know.

Download Link:
2.3.5 XWKS9   CSC: XEO | XEF (Password:

UPDATE : XWKS3 (update to XWKS2) is now available. Remeber, the same happened in India where KQ5 was followed by KQ6. Whats going on with Sammy here? Releasing buggy firmwares & then trying to cover up mistakes?
Regardless, here is the download link. Flash it with ODIN as told below for KS2.

Download Link:
2.3.5 XWKS3 (Password:

Another official update has hit the Ace. We were previously unsure whether this was the official version or not, but it is! The build date is mentioned as 17th Sep 2011. It is a Europe  region firmware though anyone else can install it.

Android 2.3.5
Band Base S5830XWKS2
Kernel DELL124 root @ # 1


  1. Download the one package file from here.(Pass for the rar:
  2. Flash it with ODIN using the ‘onepackage method‘ using this tutorial

What do you think about so much firmwares? Let us know in the comments section below.

19 thoughts on “Android 2.3.5 XWKS9 for Samsung Galaxy Ace

  1. I’m looking for a list of pros and cons. I’m running The Myth at the moment. It is brilliant, but it takes up all the internal memory. I can only install two to three apps at a time. Also I’m in South-Africa. what problems can i expect if the region do not match

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  4. Please help !!!
    I desperately need to know the difference between xxwks3 and xxwks9. I know both are 2.3.5 but I need the know the differences and which one has the least bugs. I flashed xxwks2 which sucked as the task manager could not free up much memory and also i wasn’t able to recieve video calls from my friends on Tango video calling. Also, The setup crashed when i first started the phone although i could fix that using a complete data wipe. All i need to know is which one has the least bugs and the differences between xxwks3 and xxwks9. Also if you can tell me the deifference between xeo and xef in xxwks9 or are they the same? Please reply…….

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  6. plzz help mii

    i upgrade to 2.3.4 via kies :/

    my assassians creed screen is stretched

    n many games like gangsta, sims3 wont work ???????
    wat has happn ?

  7. Running this version since the last week. Full of bugs, lags etc. Cannot root the phone. I’ve tried 3 solutions till now, and nothing 😦 I’m looking for a official ROM, if you have an idea about something like that. Thanks!

    • The latest firmware for India is DDKQ6 which can be updated to via Kies. To Flash KS2, the only way to do so is with ODIN. You can search the site for a tutorial. Btw, my advice is that you update to Gingerbread (whatever version) because you will notice much differences in between different gingerbread versions.

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