Exclusive Interview with Slaid480

A few days ago, we featured the handover of device maintainer for CyanogenMod 7.2 for Samsung Galaxy Ace to Slaid480. Ace Tips managed to get an exclusive interview with the popular developer and we asked him a few questions.

Ace Tips: You seem to be popular in the xda community. Can give us some background on who you are?
Slaid: My name is Salah Abouabdallah, I live in Meknes, Morroco. I’m a student in High School and I’m 16 years old now.

AT: How did you first get into developing?
S: I had experience with Linux because I have run it on my PC for more than 4 Years. After I bought Ace (My first Android phone) I took some time to understand the Android structure and how it works with the Linux kernel before I started coding and developing for it.

AT: Did you have any previous experience developing for other platforms?
S: Yeah, especially developing for Linux as I had some knowledge in Java, C++ and C.

AT: Why did you decide to develop for the Ace in particular?
S: It was my first Android phone, so it was a natural choice. It was this phone that made me discover this great Open Source world. Although I will start some projects for other phones too, but I will never forget my lovely Ace!

AT: Do you enjoy being on xda, and why?
S: Yeah. Here in xda, there is great help and support for my device and this is what encouraged me to code for Android!

AT: What would you say is your best achievements in development so far?
S: Well, I have done a lot of stuff, including being device maintainer for CyanogenMod, working on AOSP for Ace, all of my scripts including SlaidyBoost and working with TeamCooper on their projects.

At last, we would like thank Salah for his precious time and we wish him a great future ahead. Sometimes people tend to undermine talent by age, but Salah has proved himself by getting recognition from the CyanogenMod community!

2 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Slaid480

  1. Hi there!

    So, if you can talk to Slaid480 please ask him where to leave him some feedback about the ROM. I’ve been using the 21-april release and detected a few bugs, but I’m not a developer so I can’t participate in the XDA threads. Also, if you get to ask him when is the next release coming out, that would be great!!!!

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