Official CyanogenMod 7.2 Confirmed for Samsung Galaxy Ace

UPDATE: CM7.2 official is confirmed for Samsung Galaxy Ace & will roll out with the official 7.2 of all devices. More info

Why no nightlies?
Due to insufficient computing power available, the nightlies haven’t rolled out for SGA.

What about CM9?
If Samsung doesn’t rolls out ICS for Ace, it will be nearly impossible for an official CM9.

Samsung Galaxy Ace has finally pulled it together. Expect official CyanogenMod Nightlies soon at the official website. No more betas by XDA devs. When all the bugs in nightlies will be sorted out, an RC version will follow and then a stable one.

More Information:,7133

New nightly build for download will be available  here as device name ‘Cooper’ (Within a week maybe):

So keep a little more patience. We will keep you updated.

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31 thoughts on “Official CyanogenMod 7.2 Confirmed for Samsung Galaxy Ace

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  4. I talked to Cyanogenmod’s developer via IRC channel directly, they said they are not releasing CM for Samsung Galaxy ace “ever”. So We’ll have to go for unofficial CM ROMS via XDA-Developers.

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