Slaid, our knight in shining armour!

Members of various forums rejoiced recently as Slaid480 is taking over as device maintainer for the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

As we featured recently, we questioned whether official builds for Galaxy Ace were worth it. We were quick to judge, however it seems that official Cyanogenmod has been brought back from the grave.
Slaid480 is well-known in the Galaxy Ace community from creating various scripts and sharing them at xda. His most recent project, called SlaidyBoost, was even featured in xda’s news portal.

At the moment, Slaid is only releasing his builds on his xda thread, however when he gets access to CyanogenMod’s buildbot, nightlies should be pouring out.
We wish him all the best, and thank him for taking such a big role in the Ace community.

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