Getting Ready : Rock Your Ace! Part 2

With a lot of customizations possible in Android, users feel confused whether they should do something or not and sometimes following some instruction where something was assumed leads to Bricked devices. Not in this guide!

So now lets prepare your device to be applicable for a CyanogenMod upgrade.

Warning: All steps are mandatory. Do not skip steps.

First step:
The very first step requires is to move to a Gingerbread that is Android 2.3.x build. It might be a Stock Rom or Custom Rom, doesn’t matter. A lot of Indian users and other users across the world who have the latest Stock Rom should be already on Android 2.3.x. You can check the version by simply going to Settings -> About Phone. If you are already on 2.3.x, skip ahead to the second step.

What if you are not? Flash a firmware using ODIN. Here is the tutorial in detail (Note: Although the tutorial say upgrade, you can both upgrade/downgrade firmware using this method)-
How to flash firmware using ODIN? (Please note that you want to take a look at part 3 – Taking Backups before flashing to a new firmware)

Second Step:
Root Privileges are required for further actions to take place. We have already covered rooting in details. If you are not rooted, follow the tutorial below otherwise move to step 3.
How to Root ?  (simply follow the section for Gingerbread)

Third Step:
Now we need a way to install the build of CyanogenMod on to your device. For that we need a custom recovery. That’s where ClockworkMod Recovery v5 comes into the picture. But for v5 we need to install v4 first. We have covered the topics in detail in the following articles-
Install ClockworkMod Recovery v4

Now that you have installed CWM v5, go ahead with the installation of v5 using the following article-
Install ClockworkMod Recovery v5

Q. Can I use CWM v4 instead of v5 for upgrading to CyanodenMod. I am feeling lazy.
A. NO.

That’s it, no more fiddling with the phone is necessary. In the next part we will show how to take backups easily so that you can easily move to the new firmware with your precious data intact!

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