Install DSP Manager App From CyanogenMod on Any Phone [Download]

One of the greatest feature of the CyanogenMod is the app DSP Manager contained within. You can install this app on any ROM on any phone.

In words of the creators themselves:
Gives enhanced sound processing capabilities. A simple application called DSPManager is provided to adjust the new audio parameters such as bass boost, 5 band equalizer, virtual room effect for all system audio.

Download File


  • Install as APK.

OR Else

  • Copy the file  to ‘System/App
  • Set Permission as : rwx rxx rxx


13 thoughts on “Install DSP Manager App From CyanogenMod on Any Phone [Download]

  1. Where is the app? I search in sd and phone memory, but I don’t see it. In configuration I don’t see nothing. I need help.

  2. how i do rwx rxx rxx
    i can first rwx but den rxx rxx i can not…pl help me here instead rxx i can r-x
    so formation will be rwx r-x r-x but in this formation installation not done.i use samsung galaxy ace cynogenmod 7.2

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  4. I Have installed this on my Samsung Galaxy player YP-G70 and all the audio enhancement features are functional except the “Dynamic Range Compression” feature, which is the main feature I need! I assume the device needs to be rooted and flashed before this feature would work?

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