Taking Backups: Rock Your Ace! Part 3

Now your phone is eligible for the CyanogenMod build to flash. But not so fast! What about all the precious data you have on your phone- contacts, calendar, messages (SMS), applications, notes, music etc. What if the flash fails (it won’t!)? What if you don’t like the CyanogenMod build? (you will 😉 )

So this part will deal with-

  • Creating a failsafe –  A Nandroid backup of your ROM
  • Taking backups of contacts, calendar etc.

Nandroid Backups

Nandroid backups are nothing but a fancy name for ‘taking a backup of everything in NAND flash’. This is a great way to take a backup of your ROM’s before doing any changes to your phone and if it all goes bad, you can use ClockWorkMod to do a NANDROID restore and get your phone back to the time you did the backup. Both the backup and restore are handled by ClockWorkMod Recovery.

To keep this post arranged and simple to read we have created a separate tutorial specifying the process. Here is the link- (Remember this is an optional step.)
>> Take Nandroid Backup of the Current ROM

Kies Backup Options:

If you are on Stock Rom, you can backup your Contacts, Calendar and Memos to your PC. But be aware that you can’t restore these back to you CyanogenMod ROM. Once you have installed any custom ROM to your phone, Kies won’t detect your phone. Though you can view your contacts on PC, but no such luck with calendar and memo. So goodbye Samsung Kies. RIP. Read our Kies rant here.

Google Backup

Your calendar and contacts can easily be back up on google account. Simply sync your contacts and calendar by going to Settings-> Accounts & Sync

Photos, Music And Videos

Simply copy your media files from sd card to some folder of your PC.

SMS, MMS, Call Log, Browser Bookmarks

There are many apps on the Android Market that cover this domain. We will mention a free app named MybackupJust install and give it a go. You can backup anything mentioned above with this app as well. Here is a video from the app’s page giving a demo-

So, next step- CyanogenMod. Here we come…

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Next: 4. Installing CyanogenMod

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