Was Official Cyanogenmod Worth The Wait? [Opinion]

As you may know, after a lot of speculation, Samsung Galaxy Ace users’ highly anticipated Official release of CyanogenMod 7 is now making its way. The community was so excited that a user even made an autoscript that checked for nightly every five minutes. In march, we got a nightly and a release candidate.

A week later, do we still think it’s the best? Many forum users are annoyed that they flashed the official build, as it isn’t as good as some KANG builds out there on the internet. Why? Here are 3 reasons;

  • It isn’t recent!
    The nightly build was compiled a while back, as the BuildBot machine wasn’t running at full capacity
  • There aren’t many changes!
    The RC build contained very few changes, and the changes implemented were very minor bug fixes
  • The maintainer sold his phone!
    Kolja, the project maintainer for cooper recently announced on his Google+ account that he sold his Galaxy Ace

All in all, most people don’t really think it was really worth the wait and it’s properly better for you stick stick to those KANG builds, such as FrozenAceTeam’s build. Other active development teams, such as GalaxyICS are doing a great job with Ice Cream Sandwich for various low-end Samsung devices.

Did you give the official build a try, let us know what you think!

9 thoughts on “Was Official Cyanogenmod Worth The Wait? [Opinion]

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  2. Had CM7.2 installed in no time. Removal took two days. Twenty minutes mobile internet drained the battery 30%. Also the FM radio did not work. When blue tooth was activated it worked but only at maximum volume. Therefore I decided to remove CM7.2 within 3 days after installation. I liked CM7.2’s 5 column layout. I’ll wait for the next update.

    • I wouldn’t be too sure of an update anytime soon unfortunately, unless a different maintainer is found.
      It’s a shame that low-end devices get kicked to the dirt and are unsupported.

    • Do you have any ideas about the grid lines I mentioned? Is it just me? Nothing worse when you’re trying to watch Game of Thrones trailers on YouTube 🙂

      As I said, I can live without Bluetooth. No major worries at all. Look forward to more Ace Tips. Shame about Official ICS but we’ve known for some time that there probably wouldn’t be. TheMyth team have quite a good one going at the moment on their website. Can’t say much else in the way of custom Roms, I’ve only tried a few. If you or anyone else has any suggestions, I’d be willing to give them a look in.

      Cheers. Keep up the good work

  3. I thought it was okay. I’m still using it and I will probably continue to do so until further “Official” stuff becomes available. Simply because I think CyanogenMod is the best Galaxy Ace ROM that I personally have come across. No great difference between the Official and Kangs out there. Our Galaxy Ace is old and outdated by today’s standard. We should be grateful at least we finally got an Official CM build that everyone seemed to be up in arms and impatiently ranting about.

    That said there are a few creases still to be ironed out. I’m merely a user and not a developer – (if someone could teach me a trick or two I’d be grateful!) – but Bluetooth is still an issue for those that still use it. I notice grid lines similar to the CM camera appearing on YouTube videos. I don’t think this is just me or my phone. I religiously check my settings. I get FCs on various applications I run – this could be down to a variety of factors – but none more so than I did on any other stock ROM.

    I think the Official RC is well worth the wait and maybe now we can shut up about it and watch this space for more to come. Speaking for myself, I’d like to see an Official ICS/CM9, they do look tasty!

    Rich Foxen

    • I don’t think same… waited for sooo long, signed treads and e-letters to CM to support the Ace… and for the time we waited… at least a stable release was spected… but what we have? old git resources maded rom? ok i’ll pass it but… an RC whit BIG BUGS (sorry I’m not intentioned to be rude, It’s just those bugs, are so big!) c’mon at least the 3rd part of the registered users on CM has made a donation for this?… pelase! Kang it a lot way better than official… o but not all is bad in Official it has a great screencast on video recording, and camera works awesome!… any way… still waiting for stable or aven better th final one Official CM7.2 (maybe another year waiting…what a mess)

      • I didn’t spot anything rude in your reply – maybe I’m just stupid and didn’t notice lol – so no offence taken. I’d be interested to hear more about the bugs you’re experiencing and I’m always open to suggestions if you can recommend any other roms for me to check out. Cheers!

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