Improve GPS & Sensor on CM 7.x on Samsung Galaxy Ace [Lagloose’s Patch]

Almost all the roms coming for Samsung Galaxy Ace are based on Cyanogenmod builds. One thing which irritates users on the roms based on CM is the slow GPS.
Lagloose on xda decided to something about it. In his own words:

The PFGPS Tweaks by PFittech didn’t really work for me. So i took a look at the GPS functions of Stock Samsung ROM to see what i can do. CM7 and Samsung use different ways to provide GPS funtions. While CM7 ‘directly’ accesses the hardware, Samsung does it via a running daemon (/system/bin/gpsd’). Obviously this works much better than GPS functions provided by CM7. So i decided to try the Samsung GPS functions in CM7 which worked very well out of the box. I always have a GPS-Fix now in less than a minute. This required a complete replacement of HW libs provided by CM7. This worked without any problems. All Sensors (at least for me) are working. More than that, i personally have the feeling that everything is a little bit smoother and faster. But that maybe a ‘Placebo’…

  • It completely replaces the libs in /system/lib/hw with libs from Samsung STOCK ROM
  • It installs ‘gpsd’ in /system/bin
  • It installs a stock gps.conf in /etc
  • It wipes your /data/gps directory to remove old xtra.bin files

  • No need to wipe anything. Just flash via CWM

Note: PFGPS doesn’t work with this patch So if you’ve already flashed PFIttech’s PFGPS tweaks, they will be uninstalled by my patch.

So what do you say, problem solved? Or no problem at all? Do let us know in the comments below!

[via xda]

5 thoughts on “Improve GPS & Sensor on CM 7.x on Samsung Galaxy Ace [Lagloose’s Patch]

  1. I found tht cm7 it works perfectly on my ace when combined with the fireace kernel, it is alot quicker. The only problem was its GPS whoch you have now fixed, so thankyou.

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  3. I suffered a lot of lags when trying to use some apps and games, so I’m not using CM7 at all for now, every time a new version goes out, I try it, and so far, I remove it after a couple of days.
    Battery hungry, lags, FCs, proximity sensors and GPS not working…what else???

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