Android App & AutoItScript Checks for CyanogenMod Nightlies every 5 Minutes!! [Download]

Well, can’t wait for the much awaited CyanogenMod 7 nightlies? Courtesy to guys at XDA, here is an Android App & an AutoIT script for windows which checks whether the nightly has been posted at CM7 site under the device name cooper or not.

So choose any of the method below so that you’re first to know about the nightly.

Note: The script & the executable is only for windows users (or through Wine on Linux)

$refreshTime = 300000 ;interval to check for cooper nightly in ms

while 1
	InetGet("", @ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage")
	$file = FileOpen(@ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage", 0)
	$html = FileRead(@ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage")

	If StringInStr($html, "device=cooper&type=nightly") > 0 Then
		FileDelete( @ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage")
		MsgBox(64, "Nightly available.", "Cooper has been added to nightlies!")
		FileDelete( @ScriptDir & "\cmnightlypage")

[via Xda-developers]

Install DSP Manager App From CyanogenMod on Any Phone [Download]

One of the greatest feature of the CyanogenMod is the app DSP Manager contained within. You can install this app on any ROM on any phone.

In words of the creators themselves:
Gives enhanced sound processing capabilities. A simple application called DSPManager is provided to adjust the new audio parameters such as bass boost, 5 band equalizer, virtual room effect for all system audio.

Download File


  • Install as APK.

OR Else

  • Copy the file  to ‘System/App
  • Set Permission as : rwx rxx rxx


The always up-to-date Samsung Galaxy Ace’s Custom Roms Wiki

Ace is moving up in the dev circles. A lot of stuff is happening for ACE.
Here is a wiki of Major Roms available for your beloved phone.

Rooting & Unrooting
How to root?
How to unroot?

ODIN Tutorial
Samsung Kies Tutorial

ClockworkMod Recovery version:
Gingerbread Tutorial
Froyo Tutorial
What is CWM?

Official/Leaked Stock ROMS:

Official Gingerbread 2.3.4: KQ5 (India)
Official Gingerbread 2.3.3: KPN
Download here


GingerReal (best)
Status: V1.3.0 Final

Status: v2x-2b (1st Aug 2011)
Release statement & Download

CodeROM NexusACE
status: Released
Tutorial & Download

status: v1.2 (8th Aug)
Tutorial & Download

Blackhawk Rom
Tutorial & Download

VillianROM v1 (lightweight)
Status: released (19th May 2011)
Release statement & Download
The one worth waiting for:

CYANOGEN MOD 7 (Android 2.3.7)
Cooper-kang-Beta 2 by grif_07 : CyanogenMod 7.1-cooper-KANG-BETA Android 2.3.5
CyanoAce RC 2 by BehradGH: CyanogenMod 7.1 Beta3 2.3.5 “Cyano Ace”
Official CM7: Undetermined

Other Minor Roms: X2.3
Instructions & download

SanGingerAce v3.5
Instructions & download

Instructions & download

BehradGH v2.0
Instructions & download

IlaRom V alpha
Instructions & download

CyceronPL V1.0
Instructions & download

Left out your favorite one? Let us know!