Modded Stock Rom Aseventy for Micromax A70 (Custom Rom?)

A custom modded Stock Rom has been posted for Micromax A70: named ASeventy. Though calling it a custom rom will be questionable.

  • Author: PlayfulGod
  • Current Version: 1.0


  • Rooted (can be done using z4root. Refer How to root?)
  • Deodexed (there is nothing to deodex on A70)
  • APK’s Zipaligned (better RAM utilization)
  • Darktremor Apps2SD v2.7.5.2 + fix. (SD card needs to be partitioned. Refer How to partition my Sd card?)
  • Nano added
  • Bash added
  • Custom bootanimation (can be done even without rooting Refer here)
  • No Ads Host file

Install in CWM like any other ROM or using Rom manager.

  1. Boot into CWM
  2. Wipe Data/Factory reset – (Optional but recommended)
  3. Goto Advanced > wipe Dalvik Cache
  4. Now select Install Zip from SDCard & select the Modded A70 zip download from here.

Wait while it gets done & reboot!!

The first Custom Rom? Not quite!!

Many features such as Wi-Fi, Vibration and Haptic Feedbk etc.  are not working. We recommend not to use this Rom. If you want to give it a try well go ahead. We have already mentioned how you can get most of the aforementioned features on the stock Rom. DT a2sd is being looked into. Patience is the key young one!!

Note: We don’t mean disrespect to the developer in any way. We have tried to do an honest & impartial review.
Update: Even the dev has changed the title of this thread from ‘Custom’ to ‘Modded Stock Rom’.

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8 thoughts on “Modded Stock Rom Aseventy for Micromax A70 (Custom Rom?)

  1. Please help i was trying to reeboot my phone to recovery using rom manager but before doing that i accidently installed one custom rom i earlier installed and now the phone is not switching on and it stops at the”micromax”logo please please help someone…..

  2. Pingback: Modded Stock Rom DRoidMaxxV2 -2.2.1 for Micromax A70 « Ace Tips

    • well, development of the first rom takes some time time on every phone. It is simply not possible to make a custom rom with many features in such a small time (as much in aseventy was made)

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