Flash Player 10.3 for Samsung Galaxy Ace

The ARMv6 Architecture of Samsung Galaxy Ace’s processor obviously lacks Adobe flash support. But mods keep flying around the internet which sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

For those who don’t know already, flash player is needed to play embedded videos on websites like youtube etc. or flash content on your mobile.

So here is Flash 10.3 which will work with many Custom Roms for Ace. Try it for yourself & report the success here (or in any forum with this page address attached, so that we may track it)

Download Link

Update: This is not working with stock firmwares upto Android 2.3.4. (Including DDKQ6) It is reportedly working on CM7 beta.

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[via xda-developers]

8 thoughts on “Flash Player 10.3 for Samsung Galaxy Ace

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  2. I am using S5830XXKPH Gingerbread 2.3.4 von Samfirmware and I could not get Flash 10.2 and 10.3 ArmV6 running!
    Maybe I should try a cunstom rom.

      • Had 10.1 installed.. and as Chismay has mentioned in the andriodforums where i found the download.. the animation in the official adobe website did not work without it..
        So to test myself i removed 10.1 visited the site again.. no flash content appeared.. but after installing this it DID!
        So thanks a lot.. Dont know the difference between 10.1 and 10.3 exactly but since its an updated version.. all the better

        So thanks!

        For those are saying it does not work: It works fine on the stock roms 2.3.4 / 2.3.5.. tried both and also on CM7.. But theres always limitations as i hear.. no all flash content will run.. after all we paid for a phone without it.. so be glad

        For those saying its not necessary: Well lucky you.. I have found that those which officially came with Gingerbread have built-in partial Flash support (somehow) unlike me who had to self-upgrade from Froyo..

  3. I’ve lost count how many of these alledged flash players that work in the Galaxy Ace.
    The bottom line is none of them work.
    I’ve been trying to play a vid from the bbc iplayer website since i got my phone(three weeks ago)
    and all i can get is “your device is not compatable with Adobe flash player”.
    This is another download that does’nt do anything.

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