Samsung Galaxy Ace & Ice Cream Sandwich. Possible?


Well, we brought you the latest features of ICS first off among all the websites over the internet. The question in your mind must be will your beloved Ace will run ICS? Is there such a possibility? Cheer up!! The chances are good!

Google has confirmed-

Google has officially confirmed that all Gingerbread devices should be able to get some Ice Cream Sandwich love. Starting with the Nexus S devices will soon get their upgrades as they go along.

They also said that

Google is currently in the process for releasing Ice Cream Sandwich for Nexus S and that in theory it should work for any 2.3 device.

Now even if Samsung decides that Ace is not in their device list which is 60-40 chance, the CyanogenMod team will do it in their next version that will be called CyanogenMod 9. But first of you need the Android 4.0 source code which will take near 1 month to release & then some development time for Cyanogen team too.
As you might now, CM7 for Ace is not yet official, so by that time if CM7 goes official, then CM9 will be released with other device versions. Or else some dev will have to port it to Ace.

CM7 Steve Kondik said on Google+

Public service announcement: There will be no SDK port of Ice Cream Sandwich to any device by the Cyanogenmod team directly. We only dabble in source. Period.

Finally, You should remember that some features like Android Beam that require Hardware (NFC in this case) won’t be available.

So be patient. We will update you as soon as we hear about anything.

UPDATE: (SGA is unlikely to get official ICS update from Samsung)
(Go Here)

Samsung has confirmed  the list of devices that will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich. This also clarifies if you didn’t pay good amounts of money for you device Samsung does not care about you. Also it seems that only newer devices are being considered for the update.

Here is the confirmed spec list:

  • Galaxy S2
  • Galaxy Notes
  • Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus & newer
Samsung is still evaluating less recent devices for potential upgrades.
Samsung has yet to assess the time to port the new version on the high-end devices & then verify that everything is replicable also on other cheaper devices (however, only WVGA).

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13 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Ace & Ice Cream Sandwich. Possible?

  1. yeah i tweeted in samsung india ….and i ended up with following statements by samsung serviceman::

    samsung should update their all existing #Android device to #ICS, that would make consumer happy.
    ICS upgrade will be announced soon. We request ur cooperation & be assured that we are trying our best to get the update.

    so this increases our hope for ics from 60-40 to 75-25 …….. 🙂

    • What we have learnt is that tweets are not reliable. It is a very strong chance that Ace won’t be upgraded. Do hit us with the links of tweets though!

  2. Better option is to use Diff ROM to install ICS 4… Surly we wont getting Official Release of ICS and it may take another one yr to release it….

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