How to install Dark Tremor’s a2sd on Samsung Galaxy Ace (Froyo/Custom Roms)

This method will only work on Samsung Galaxy Ace running Froyo or a Gingerbread custom Rom. This won’t work with stock gingerbread firmware.

ROMS that are ORM (Original From manufacturer) i.e.  Stock Roms will not run any version of a2sd except Froyo.  This is because the code to launch Darktremor Apps2SD is not present in the init.rc. The only way Apps2SD will work with a Stock ROM is if the init.rc has been modified with the commands to run Apps2SD.

If you are on Gingerbread, don;t be disappointed, a gingerbread tutorial is up in the works.
You need your phone to be rooted. (The Script file) (Darktremor Beta 04)
Either ADB to run commands on PC (android sdk) or Terminal app on phone

Please note that this script sleeps for 8 seconds at boot time to make sure that the SD card is loaded before mounting.


  1. Backup all data, both on your phone and your SD card. Your sdcard will be wiped clean.
  2. Partition your SD card as following:
    1st partition FAT32, 2nd partition ext2. (Ext2 partition size >1 GB recommended) Make sure that you use ext2 only, as ext3 and ext4 are not supported by the stock kernel)
    How to partition your sd card?
  3. Insert your SD card and make sure that your phone recognizes it correctly.
    Connect your phone in Mass Storage mode, then extract the contents of “” to your SD card root directory. Also copy “” to the root of the sd card.
  4. If you are using stock recovery, rename “” as “”. This will be required in step 8.
  5. Disconnect mass storage. Do not unplug your phone. Open command prompt, navigate to your C:\android-sdk-windows->platform-tools folder (or wherever you have installed your android sdk) and execute:
    adb shell

    OR alternatively hit up terminal app on your phone & type:
  6. Type in the following commands (try copy-paste each line then hit enter):
    cp /sdcard/ /data/local/tmp/
    chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/
  7. To double check everything, reboot your phone and login again as root through adb,(or hit the terminal app) then run the following command, and find a line similar to the highlighted line in the output below:
    Output Code:
    /dev: 142220K total, 12K used, 142208K available (block size 4096)
    /mnt/asec: 142220K total, 0K used, 142220K available (block size 4096)
    /cache: 25656K total, 12K used, 25644K available (block size 4096)
    /data: 185240K total, 36768K used, 148472K available (block size 4096)
    /system: 213376K total, 211520K used, 1856K available (block size 4096)
    /system/sd: 1032088K total, 38512K used, 993576K available (block size 4096)

    /mnt/sdcard: 6783016K total, 190356K used, 6592660K available (block size 4096)
    /mnt/secure/asec: 6783016K total, 190356K used, 6592660K available (block size 4096)
  8. Now you’re good to go. Reboot into recovery and select “flash zip from sdcard” & then select file “” (from step 4). Reboot. (If you have clockworkmod recovery, you can directly select “flash zip from sd card” & then select “”, hence no need of renaming)


Note: If you apply Darktremor Apps2SD and still notice internal storage is decreasing, this is due to the dalvik-cache not being moved. By default, Darktremor Apps2SD will not move the dalvik-cache on boot.

If you want to move the dalvik-cache to the sd card, type:
a2sd cachesd (move dalvik to sd card)
a2sd cachesdreset (move dalvik to sd card and clears contents of dalvik-cache)
a2sd cachepart (move dalvik to cache partition)
a2sd cachepartreset (move dalvik to cache partition and clears contents of dalvik-cache)

IMPORTANT: Make sure your SD card is at least a class 4 before doing this, otherwise you may run into performance issues, unless you move the dalvik to the cache partition.

You still have other caches (i.e. Browser caches) and other data being stored and updated in internal storage, so the number of free space will continue to drop, but at a slower rate (unless you are engage in heavy web surfing, tweeting or facebook socializing.)

If you want to use your partition in ext3/ext4 format, follow the article below:
>> How to install Dark Tremor’s a2sd on Samsung Galaxy Ace (ext3/ext4)

Got question? Feel free to leave a comment.

[via Xda-developers]

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