Google Music 4.0.1 (ICS) – All New Interface [Exclusive Download]

Without further ado, it is our pleasure to present to you the new and improved Google Music 4.0.1!

What’s New

In short — everything. Music 4.0.1 bring a new interface with more options, better controls, and an all around cleaner look. Let’s have a look at the old and the new, shall we?

1 wm_snap20111007_005122

Left: Old, Right: New

As you can see, Music 4 still has the same overall look as Music 3 with a few minor changes: the tabs are cleaner and the player area at the bottom takes up less space.

2 wm_snap20111007_005147

The Selection menu has also taken on a minor change: instead of a popup in the middle of the screen, it now displays a dialog-style box directly below the artist. The available offline option is also missing from this menu, which may indicate a change in the way Music caches its streams. These two things are definitely the most minor of all the changes — it gets better from here.

4 wm_snap20111007_005303

The Player interface has also received a subtle makeover to match the rest of the app. It’s clean and sleek, with less obtrusive buttons and more agile controls. Also noteworthy is the inclusion of a ‘search’ button in the top right, which is clearly due to ICS’s lack of a physical search key.

5 wm_snap20111007_005319

Tapping on the album cover in Music 3 offers very few additional controls — just shuffle and repeat. Tap the album cover in Music 4, though, and you’ll more options and details about the currently playing track and artists. Music 4 also offers track rating by way of thumbs up and thumbs down, so you’ll hear more of what you like and less of what you don’t.


Here it is for your downloading pleasure: Google Music 4.0.1 APK.

If you have a previous version of Google Music installed, you must uninstall it first! If Music was preinstalled on your device, use Titanium Backup to uninstall it and then reboot your device. After that, you should be able to install this just like any other app. 
If your music doesn’t sync after installing, simply head into Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and clear data. Should work after that.

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