The latest Indian Firmware: Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDKQ8 [Review with Screenshots & Download link]

Finally, firmware with Android 2.3.6 has been launched in India with version number DDKQ8

There are quite a lot changes introduced by Samsung in this version (some mainly because of Apple’s patent fight with Samsung on Slide to unlock lock screen and Overscroll bounce…! Damn you Apple!)

So before we move to the review of this ROM, here is how to get it on your phone:

Method 1: Update using Samsung Kies
Method 2: For flashing with Odin. here is the link to the firmware: One click file hosting: (Pass (if any):
Then just follow the flashing with ODIN tutorial.

Note: Clear Cache Partition from recovery menu after update! Otherwise, you might have problems!

How to go to recovery menu?
Turn off your phone. Then, Power On it by holding Power+Home button at the same time. You will reach the recovery menu. Navigate with the Volume Rocker and Select using Home button.

1. Lock Screen

The Unlock method has changed. When you keep your finger on the screen, a lock like symbol will appear! You have to slide your finger over the screen to unlock!

A big advantage is that the lock screen also displays your unread text message count and you can directly access the messages by sliding on top of the red circle which has a message symbol on top! It even supports missed call count and you can access your missed calls directly! Cool, huh?

Unfortunately, you don’t have the old slide to unlock method but you can use an app like widgetlocker to go back to old slider type lockscreen.

2) Touchwiz

Not much has changed…! The call button icon and Memo icon has changed somewhat. And the home screen is loopable now. In the app drawer, you can navigate to any page by simply tapping at its screen number on the top, and it will go to that page. Continue reading


Gingerbread 2.3.4 DDKQ6 (Kies Update India) & Differences

Yes!! The latest firmware for India region is now DDKQ6 Android 2.3.4.

Method 1: Update using Samsung Kies
Method 2: For flashing with Odin. here is the link to the firmware: DDKQ6 (Pass:
Then just follow the ODIN tutorial.
We were unable to spot any differences from KQ5 so far. Did you?

Update: One of our reader Ramit has informed that the process of taking screenshots has changed. (by pressing back and home key simultaneously)
Simply press & keep holding the Home key. Task manager will pop up. Press back. Now press lock key to take a screenshot.
This way you can even navigate in the menu (still holding the home key) or some app and take multiple screenshots at a time conveniently.

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