[Sattire] The Great Samsung Kies!

Other day, I was taking backup of all the great things Samsung Kies makes available to a user: Contacts, Calendar and Memos. One would come to think that SMS will be a part of it. But NO! Even Nokia did that on S60 platform. So forget about backing up applications or call log etc.

So lets continue and trust Kies for atleast Contacts, Calendar and Memo. Now I installed CyanogenMod and realized no way Kies is going to detect my phone now. So I said to myself, “This is completely my fault. I should have thought of that before. No way this great piece of software from Sammy can be blamed for this.”

So I thought of opening my backups on PC. But wait! There comes the surprise.
Even though I was able to open my contacts and view them I wasn’t able to open my memos or calendar. Seriously, why the hell would someone want to encrypt text based memos in proprietary format so that they can’t be opened on PC.

Not to forget Kies keeps getting updates worth 50MB every now and then. Sammy really has the worst engineers working on kies. And Sammy’s love for proprietary format is hard to understand. Their Android phones bootanimations use proprietary format and can’t be changed on stock ROM. This is ironic for a company which has been saved only after embracing the open source Android. Without Android, Nokia would have kill Samsung Mobiles by now. The question is when is Samsung going to learn?

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