We’re Sorry

At Ace Tips, we do not like to disappoint our loyal readers, however, you may have noticed that we have not posted new articles for over a month. This is because the contributers for Ace Tips have been involoved with exams and other personal commitments.  We have not abandoned this site, and we have lots more things in the pipeline for Ace Tips. Send us your suggestions and we’ll try our best to write an article.

We hope to have lots more articles for you during the summer.

Thank you for supporting our blog!

5 thoughts on “We’re Sorry

  1. Hi Rich,
    There is nothing special to it. You just need to be hungry to learn. I think Nathan would agree with it. You can learn at any age.

    Ace Tips Team

    • I just wanted to learn Java, so I sat down and taught myself. I still consider myself a Java noob compared to other developers.

  2. Good to know. I would like the new ics to be more completed instead of a beta version. And I think everyone is looking forward for that.

  3. …continued

    And any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
    Feel free to email me at *EMAIL REMOVED*.
    Alternatively I’m on Twitter, @RichFoxen and Facebook/Rich Foxen

    Cheers 🙂

  4. Hi Nathan,
    That’s good news and I think you all do an excellent job with AceTips.
    From a personal point of view I’m amazed at the skills a 14 year old can acquire in such a short ammount of time. I was wondering if you had 5 minutes to tell us how you got started in programming and the computer languages you know. I myself am just trying to learn now at the tender age of almost 35!

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