Surveillance and Monitoring Apps for Smartphone Users

For smartphone users, playing sophisticated games of espionage may be easier than ever and this is due to the ever increasing number of surveillance apps. Most of the times, these apps are programs that are downloaded and installed on smart phones, iPhones, Android phones and so on. You then need an online account to access the information being captured by the app on the smartphone.

Few of the leading surveillance apps:

Most of these apps are capable of a comprehensive monitoring of the smartphone user’s phone usage. This includes emails, text messages, calls and even location. Most of them are popularly used by parents who want to keep track of their children and protect them. They are also used by employers who want to ensure there is no misuse of the phone privileges being accorded to employees. None of these apps are available on Google Play store.

  • StealthGenie–this app can be downloaded and installed on the smartphone and left to run in the background. It will help you track location of the smartphone, listen in to the calls being made and received on the phone and even access the contacts list on the smartphone. It will cost around 25$ for 3 months which is the cheapest of the lot.
  • Mobile Spy– a product from Retina- X Studios, this app can be installed directly on the phone and it keeps running invisibly in the background. The data thus recorded can be accessed online with the Mobile Spy account. This app also gives you the location of the phone. You can also exert remote control over the phone. The best part about this app is the fact that it will upload all data irrespective of the fact that the user may have deleted all logs. It costs around 50$ for 3 months license.
  • Mobistealth – this app will help monitor calls, video logging and change in SIM card. There is also the very useful feature of phone wipe which will enable you to delete and wipe out all data on the phone should it be lost or stolen. The remote control feature of the phone can also allow the microphone to be activated and conversations can then be heard other locations as well. Unlike others a demo of this app can downloaded by signing up on the website.
  • From the house of SPYERA comes the Spyera software that can be downloaded on to iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones. It allows you to intercept live calls, read the text messages of the user and read email as well. There is also the fact that there is total protection of privacy as far as activity logs are concerned. Thus only authorized people can access and use the data generated by the software. The app is not available in google play store though can be bought directly but will make a hole in your pocket the size of an asteroid. We won’t even mention the price.
  • SpyBubble is the easy option of tracking the cell phone’s use and promises easy usage, URL usage tracking and photo tracking as well. This app costs around 40 bucks and too comes with a demo.
  • mSpy is another specialized software that can be installed easily and enables spy calls, cell identity tracking and monitoring of tasks and web accounts too. The website offers an online demo and app cost 100 bucks for 3 month license.

Most of these companies offer monthly subscriptions. You can even opt for a 3 or 6 month subscription and annual packages too.

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