Titanium Backup Pro In-Depth Guide and Review

Titanium Backup Logo
Many users of Titanium Backup will agree; It is the one of the best apps for Android.
Why though? In this review we’ll tell you what Titanium can do, why you need this app and how to use all of it’s features.
When you first launch Titanium, you will be greeted by the ‘Overview’ screen. This tells you about Titanium Backup, various library files and details about your Internal and External memory.
By pressing ‘Backup and Restore’ on the toolbar, it shows a list of installed applications stored on your Internal and External Memory, as well as your system partitions. By pressing ‘Ordered by app name’, you can sort your apps in various ways, including when they were last backed up or installed, their size or the number of backups
By pressing on the button marked ‘Click to edit filters’, you are welcomed by this screen. This screen allows you to filter and search through your apps, as well as labeling them so they can be processed individually.
By tapping on an application, it will bring up a small window telling you what backups your application has and also has buttons to Backup, Wipe Data, Uninstall and Freeze.
When you restore an app, Titanium will ask you if you want to restore the Data Only (If the app is installed already), App Only or App+Data.
Titanium also allows you to add notes to individual backups. You can also protect backups, so they don’t get overwritten by newer backups.
By pressing your device’s Menu button,you have a number of options.
The most used option is Batch. This allows you to perform tasks in bulk, such as Backup, Restore, as well as other advanced tasks.
Another handy tool are the Market Tools. These allow you to fix issues with the Play Store, such as apps that won’t update or fixing market links to apps.
In the ‘More’ menu, you can use lots of awesome advanced features. The 4 most handy are ‘Send Data’ (Where you can export a list of your apps), ‘Overview of app storage use’ (Where you can see visually what apps take up the most space, ‘Create “update.zip”‘ (Where you can create a CWM-flashable package with Titanium inside it) and ‘Extract from Nandroid backup’ (Where you can extract apps from your CWM backups).

With all the features Titanium offers, the 6 dollar price tag makes it justifiable, as it could just save your life. This is the best root app ever! Titainium is highly recommended. The support from the developer is great, and also a wiki is available so that you can find answers to most of your questions.

Titanium Backup is free on Google Play, and the Pro version is available for 5.99USD on Google Play, Paypal or Moneybookers.

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