Ace Tips v2 Final out!

Hello reader,
As you know at the start of march, we started a major redesign of the website keeping you, the reader, in mind. After a lot of testing and some feedback, we are satisfied with the end product.

Changelog: (18th Mar 2012)

  • New redesigned visual theme with featured articles
  • New header style adopted
  • Revamped Menu
  • New Site Header
  • New Ipad theme
  • Facebook page (Timeline view)

You can drop in a comment either here or at the facebook page about the change. You can also send an email to After all, the website has been redesigned for the ease of use and if you find something irritating, you should let us know.

Keep in mind that, we are a non-profit project. It does take time to keep the website running. And currently we make no revenue since we don’t publish any ads.

With that out of the way, be ensured that more upgrades are in the pipeline!

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