CyanogenMod 9 RC0 Beta 8 for Samsung Galaxy Ace [Video]

Good news! The work on ICS (unofficial) is going on smoothly. A beta 8 has been released with more bug fixes. You can try it in your phone though we would recommend you to wait for some time for the final version. However this build is quite stable.

Here is the download link.

Installation Guide:

Beta 3 Demo:

Note: Do a full wipe after installation.

  • No flickering as in beta 4
  • Deep Sleep mode (for battery saving)
  • All Gapps & FB app work perfectly
  • All sensors (proximity, accelerometer, GPS etc) work
  • Wifi, bluetooth work perfectly

For full changelog, visit this post @xda

So, are you going to give it a try? What impression did this build leave on you? Pour your heart out in the comments below!

Note- The developers are asking for donation. So if you can, it won’t be a bad idea to contribute towards the community. Donate!

Before we leave you, here are some screenshots courtesy of xda:

Screenshots of CyanogenMod 9.0.0-RC0-GT-S5830-GalaxyICS-KANG-alpha3:

[via Xda]

23 thoughts on “CyanogenMod 9 RC0 Beta 8 for Samsung Galaxy Ace [Video]

  1. I tried the cm9 ics beta 8…but the camera and wifi are not working..need to be fixed…they are the real pain in the ass….i switched back to the myth ics 4.0.1

  2. I have to download the zip package update but web site gives me only 60 min to download but in that time I could not download as my internet is slow what should I do please help

  3. No doubt CM9 ,team has done a good job.
    the UI,looks so awsome.. with CM settings.
    But the thing is ,if basic things won’t work like camera,wifi, n other stuff ,then ROM is just pain in the ass.
    P.S plz Fix the Bugs 🙂

  4. Problem with beta3…….

    1. Camera not working.
    2. USB tethering not working with XP OS.
    3. Gallery is not showing photo properly.
    4. Wifi tethering not running.

  5. Some bugs are still in CM7.2…. So i revert back to 2.3.4 official(INDIA)…

    And one more thing whether its works perfectly without any lags/ bugs .. Rather than 3G service.. And Free memory available aft installing this ROM…

    Shall v OVERCLOCK upto 1Ghz??
    ^^ I need some tips in 2.3.4 How to Overclock without rooting……can anyone explain…???

  6. I doubt it will be a final release, as it never happened with CM7.2, I guess by the time comes to release a final one, they will neglect it and start working on CM10 that will be based on jellybean android or the heck knows what else…

  7. I like to know whether its a STABLE rom ?? and i have few doubts abt tis updates..

    As issues listed down, wthr they are working aft installing BETA-2 upgrade?
    1) CAMERA
    2) Wi-Fi
    3) 3G service
    4) Hanging continues…
    5) unused applications running on background

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