Adobe Flash Player 11.1 for Samsung Galaxy Ace [Working] [Video]

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Despite being Adobe Flash Player now officially dead, there is still need for an official working version. Here is yet another attempt. Reported working on Stock Rom 2.3.4 & Opera Mobile as well


  • Root Privileges


  1. Download com.adobe.flashplayer_111102059_11.1.102.59.apk
  2. Download
  3. Install com.adobe.flashplayer_111102059_11.1.102.59.apk but don’t launch it yet!
  4. Copy with RootExplorer or any other file manager lib-files from to /data/data/com_adobe_flashplayer/lib/
  5. Fix permissions for lib-files as on screenshot below.
  6. That’s all. Flash will work in any browser you will use.

Credits go to NitroOxid and vlzSilver from 4pda.

Workaround for those who have trouble with installation of this app. (credits KapTmaH from 4pda)

  1. Download file and copy it to your SD card.
  2. Boot in to CWM and mount system, mount data
  3. Install zip from SD card in CWM.
  4. Reboot.

All libs are included.

Video Tutorial  (Credits to artixfan1998 @youtube)

Note that the flash version will be detected as 10.3 only since lib files are from that version.



158 thoughts on “Adobe Flash Player 11.1 for Samsung Galaxy Ace [Working] [Video]

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  2. No me resulta, instalo el apk y después cuando quiero copiar los archivos a la carpeta lib me da error diciendo “No hay espacio suficiente”……….¿? veo las propiedades y tengo 66mb de memoria interna libre…. no entiendo. No me resultó.

    It won’t work 😦 I downloaded the application, but when I try to install it on my galaxy ace it just says application is not instaled. Please help…

    • It won’t work 😦 I downloaded the application, but when I try to install it on my galaxy ace it just says application is not instaled. Please help

  4. maann, too com ódio jaa, alguém pode me ajudar como achar essa pasta data/data/com.adobe.flashplayer?
    no meu Optimus P698 nãao tem, jaa tentei cria mais num consigo tbm, oqe devo fazer ?

  5. It won’t work 😦 I downloaded the application, but when I try to install it on my galaxy ace it just says application is not instaled. Please help

  6. i dont think it will b usefull, since they already launch the “YOUTUBE PLAYER” on android marketm n we can downloading it for FREE… so why paste something fishy on ur android phone n give it permission? i just dont get it.

  7. player installed,files extracted,permission changed-everything is done.
    when i open opera,as i open any video,it shows please install flash player!!!
    please help.

        • dude it might mean that you dont have the right root explorer. The one in the instructions you can get from android market, just search ‘root explorer’ and it’ll pop up shortly! 🙂

          • unable to give write permission .. i have root explorer,have a rooted phone,installed flash player and copied lib files. but it says that it cannot change permossins for the files

  8. When I paste those stuffs, it shows ‘there was not enough free disk space to complete the paste operation’. How can I fix this? Can anyone help me out?

  9. Having some problem here. I copied everything and I found the data/data/com.adobe.flashplayer. But when I wanna paste it into the lib folder it shows a warning and it says ‘you cannot paste here because the file system is read-only’. How can I solve this?

  10. i have installed the flashplayer succesfully but when i m trying to paste the files in folder it shows not much free space. anyone pls help me out i am using samsung galaxy ace.

  11. It’s working but it seems that video lags while playing.anyone having same issue?
    Does anyone knows any work around for this problem?

  12. I tried to install com.adobe.flashplayer_111102059_11.1.102.59.apk, but “Application not installed” error message is being displayed. I dnt know why, I am using Galaxy ACE, Help me out..

  13. Unable to open file, every it shows no application installed to open this file
    plz help me out.

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  15. I am using file manager have downloaded com.adobe.flashplayer_111102059_11.1.102.59.apk and installed the above adobe but not launched it, am using file manager but can’t find /data/data/com_adobe_flashplayer/lib/ where is it? PLEASE REPLY!

    • Have done everything but when I copy the lib files into /data/data/com_adobe_flashplayer/lib and try and open to fix permissions in it says not recognisable pdf file what am I doing wrong? Can somebody help me with this please, Very Frutrated

        • You need root explorer! ! Go into that then into data then data again then then copy and then into lib files, you will have to extract and copy your lib files into that when you get there though!

  16. Hi there. I’ve installed this adobe flash player and it’s working but i got some lag while playing video on youtube.. pls help me. 😦

  17. I have a problem here… I didn’t found /data/data/com_adobe_flashplayer/lib/

    I am opening using ES File Explorer…. and only can found “/data” (inside “data” folder is empty). please help me…. thank you

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