Adobe Flash Player 11.1 for Samsung Galaxy Ace [Working] [Video]

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Despite being Adobe Flash Player now officially dead, there is still need for an official working version. Here is yet another attempt. Reported working on Stock Rom 2.3.4 & Opera Mobile as well


  • Root Privileges


  1. Download com.adobe.flashplayer_111102059_11.1.102.59.apk
  2. Download
  3. Install com.adobe.flashplayer_111102059_11.1.102.59.apk but don’t launch it yet!
  4. Copy with RootExplorer or any other file manager lib-files from to /data/data/com_adobe_flashplayer/lib/
  5. Fix permissions for lib-files as on screenshot below.
  6. That’s all. Flash will work in any browser you will use.

Credits go to NitroOxid and vlzSilver from 4pda.

Workaround for those who have trouble with installation of this app. (credits KapTmaH from 4pda)

  1. Download file and copy it to your SD card.
  2. Boot in to CWM and mount system, mount data
  3. Install zip from SD card in CWM.
  4. Reboot.

All libs are included.

Video Tutorial  (Credits to artixfan1998 @youtube)

Note that the flash version will be detected as 10.3 only since lib files are from that version.



158 thoughts on “Adobe Flash Player 11.1 for Samsung Galaxy Ace [Working] [Video]

  1. how can i see the fix permission i already copy the lib files to /data/data…. my only problem now is i cant see the fix permission

    • I might be a bit of a birdbrain but do you have to make a new file called /data/data…. to copy lib files to cos it wont let me? Also which one do you down load, not sure I have downloaded the right one?

    • i copy the lib files to sdcard/data/data….. i use es files explorer when i play the flashplayer setting it says “an internet connection is required

  2. F**kin’ awesome man. Benn trying to get the bloody flash player working for ages. Advice on this page worked like a charm!!!!!
    Have android 2.5.3.

    So thanx a lot.


    • I need help my friend, I have downloaded the com.adobe.flashplayer_1102059_11.1.102.59.apk and typed in, it comes with loads of options so I have downloaded a few which one should I do? I have tried to copy some files but it won’t let me copy them to /data/data/com_adobe_flashplayer/lib/ in fact it wont let me make the file in that name, could you help me PLEASE? you may have to make it every step by step and very basic PLEASE

  3. plz help me …. i am unable to change permission … the error comes on my phone “unable to set permission” …. I HAve Ace 2.3.5 Android

  4. i have installed the flash player and ready to copy lib files to data/data/com.adobe/lib but when i try to copy that files my phone say that not enough memory to complete this paste action.
    GB 2.3.4; rooted; free memory internal 29mb; use root explorer
    Help please…

  5. Ive done it and flashplayer works.firstly,somtimes when I tried to load vids on bbc iplayer and anime here it loads,then stops loading and then takes me to the beginning of google seach.anyone no how to fix?Secondly is threr a way to make it faster?coz mines really lagg y.

  6. My android version 2.3.3 baseband Version s5830xwkp7
    i don’t have to make lib files permission ?

    there is no option about permission

  7. i downloaded .apk file, but can’t install on my galaxy ace (2.2.1 froyo)..
    i also copied all file, and change permisson..
    but it seems doesn’t work.. help me.!!

  8. everything z ok ..but lib files gets deleted wen i move flash player to sd..
    and more important problem z the lib files gets deleted simply by restarting phone.. that z frustrating

    any help plzz

  9. works ok, but if you want to easily reenable it after the phone reboot, some files needs to be replaced, this can be easily done via the startup scripts, but if the startup files on your phone have read only attributes, here is quick guide how to reenable flash in a painless way. We will need a aplication that runs scripts via user interface (this below commands can be also pasted via the terminal).

    1. So we download the GScript light app (ie from xda forum) –
    2. we create new script with name ie ‘flashfix’ (‘Needs SU checkmark’ needs to be checked)
    3. we paste following commands:

    echo “Fixing adobe flash…”
    rm /data/data/com.adobe.flashplayer -R
    cp /data/data/com_adobe_flashplayer /data/data/com.adobe.flashplayer -R
    echo done.

    4 run the script and thats it, the flash will work until the phone is rebooted, then we must run the script again.

    If you manage to run ‘rm’ and ‘cp’ commands in your startup scipts, thats even better, you don’t have to use gscript apk, and it will always reactivate after reboot.
    Important !! – The above method works only after succesfull installation of flash explained in this guide.

  10. This al works fine, i have managed to play flash content on my galaxy ace, however when i reboot the phone, all the ‘lib’ files got DELETED. Do You guys managed any workaraound for this? Or is there another method which will be permanent?

  11. Flash player works fine in my browser but after reboot my phone files /data/data/com.adobe.flasplayer/lib/* are deleted. Who deleted it?

  12. Take it all back one last try finally working for those about to instal if you have not rooted then checkout what i put before and follow too the letter on installing adobe flash . Feel like a fool but at the same time trying to keep it easy for others cheers to all. !!perfect!!

  13. just adding that i have exstacted the lib file to data/data /lib/ but the permissons / i can’t find ? there’s not a file called that ?

  14. hi id like 2 say u can get root explorer. apk on (Google) and ur phone must be rooted and u can root it with a bran new rootiing and unrooting tool called (SUPERONECLICK) does a numba of phones i have tryed installing adobe flash but no succes also i can’t find the same root as shone in picture above is this key to the succes of getting it to work help please

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  16. First Method worked like a charm on my Samsung Galaxy Ace… Second Method is not working correctly
    I suggest to use “Super Manager” [Available Free in Android Market] for Root exploration

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  19. the process is succesful upto step-4 (i used root explorer). but after that i’m not getting any permissions to fix…and the flash isn’t working 😦 …please check this out 😦

    • Dude.

      Use the “Root Browser Lite” by JRUMMY16 to complete the process. I did all that and it still doesn’t work. FUCK THIS PHONE. I shoulda just bought a galaxy S or S2 when I had the choice. Fuck…I might just do that instead. The ace is a good phone but let down by limited hardware. Am done with this shit.

    • Do not change the permission on sd card or it cant change .you must use root explorer and move it to data/data/com.adobe.flasplayer/lib/(put file here)and you can be able to change permissions of . Enjoy ! Hope this helps.I have this problem too but i solved the problem.

        • Download the files above .you must read and understand carefully.remember you must download root explorer(phone must be rooted) so you can find data/data/com.adobe.flasbplayer/lib/ there are four must change the permission of the file called

          • Oh sorry i mean libflash .go to *link removed* and search root apk and install .if you have some difficulties downloading flash player on galaxy ace .email me and ill try my best to

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