New Facebook Group [Apply to join if you want to contribute as Author/Editor/Guest Posts/Ideas]

We have created a new facebook group called Ace Tips Discussions. if you want to contribute about new discussions. Based on your contributions, you will be promoted to an author account at Ace Tips with no admin interaction needed for you to post.

We are also looking for expanding reach beyond SGA & Micromax A70 to other phones. So if you or any of your friends are interested, let them know.

This a non-profit site. And we aim to make it a community driven project. So if you feel you have been benefited by our content, feel free to join the group & give back to the community.

Major Announcement:

We will soon be buying a domain name!! You can suggest names for domains in comments or by dropping in a mail.

Domain name suggestions in general related to Android & not SGA in particular.

New site logo: Feedback will be appreciated!

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