Save 5-10 MB of Internal Memory by Moving Dump Files to SD Card

You can copy all dump files from internal memory to SD Card, because dump files can consume large amount of internal memory.
The method doesn’t delete the files in any way. Dump files are not important files. They are logs or error reports for debugging.

Note: This method applies to Samsung phones only.


  1. Dial *#9900#
  2. Select “Copy to SD

Note: Only Select the “Copy to SD”. Be careful.

Depending on from how much time you have been using your phone & how many apps you have installed/reinstalled, your cleared memory may vary from 5-10 MB.
So how much space were you able to save? Let others know in comments below.

57 thoughts on “Save 5-10 MB of Internal Memory by Moving Dump Files to SD Card

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  3. Thanks. This worked perfectly. Just reboot the phone after completing the operation. It also clears up problems with rejected text messages.

  4. I just saved around 12MB doing this, and it only took ten seconds. Thanks mate, although it’s a shame we even need to do this at all. Sort it out, Samsung…

  5. i just saved 80 MB… 🙂
    dont know how …
    is there any way i could know which of my app is creating so many logs and dump files ??

  6. by mistake i clicked on copy ril log…………….is it a big deal………..and after clicking on copy ril log i, i clicked copy to sd…..and coudn’t see and change in the mem………… pz help

  7. Does this work as a one-time function when it’s run, or does it mean that these files are put on the SC Card as they are generated in future?

  8. I typed *#9900# and dial the no.
    it says connection problem or invalid mmi code
    what is this?
    this is not working on my A70.
    I have installed z4root

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