Leaked Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Audio Files [Preview And Download]

The ICS leaks are on the rise as we move near to the much anticipated launch of Android 4.

Now there has been a leak of Nexus Prime sound files which will be default for Android 4 most probably.
The new ICS alarm sounds are making quite a buzz around internet. AndroidPolice said

The alarm sounds are quite futuristic and magical, instantly reminding me of Tron. Considering Honeycomb already started in this direction and ICS’ theme is also Tron-like blue, I think we’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more audio and visuals in a similar style.

We, in particular, can’t say we like them a lot. Whats there to like in a 1-2 seconds of audio file. 🙂

As per P3Droid’s request, we’re not going to post the download link to Nexus_Audio.zip‎ and instead direct you to this MyDroidWorld post (registration required to download). Enjoy!

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