Is Aakash really the World’s Cheapest Tablet?

Media seems to love tagging India as the “cheapest market”, especially after the launch of Tata Nano. It turns out that indeed, Aakash is the cheapest tablet in the world!!


A little googling will reveal many similar devices within this price range and with a little price much better specs.

There is a seven-inch tablet running Android 2.2 OS with an 800 MHZ Cortex-A8 processor, 256 MB RAM and 2GB hard drive, built-in camera at a price of $ 39.71. Check out the product here. But to ship in India it will need a hefty $ 70 more.

And if you slightly go up, you have Maxtouch 7inch Tablet PC.

And as you have guessed already,the Chinese aren’t far behind. There a number of Chinese companies offering tablets running various Android versions with better processors between the price range of $40-50.

The Ifs & Buts!

The major point of debate surrounding the launch and probably even in the coming months would be its screen – which is TFT resistive unlike other higher end tablets which have a capacitive touch screen. So, the feather like movements in a capacitive screen that the smartphone and tablet users have got accustomed to, won’t be possible with Aakash.

It turns out that the price for a resistive screen when imported in the quantity that the government required came about $4 each. Whereas, the same would have gone upto $22 if capacitive ones were used instead.

However, the Datawind team reportedly is working on creating economical capacitive touch screens which when manufactured in large quantities would almost cost the same as the resistive ones.

We would love to see the Aakash tablet upgraded with these:

  • A better processor (say 600 Mhz)
  • Capacitive touchscreen

The point is, perhaps the specifications and technology for the Aakash tablet could have been better, especially when you count the exemptions of duty and other benefits that would have been applied to the $35 project. But no need for complains!!

We have already ordered this wonderful $35 gadget. Keep checking to stay updated.

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2 thoughts on “Is Aakash really the World’s Cheapest Tablet?

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