Reverse wifi tethering (without any external app)

We previously showed you how to reverse wifi tether with a single click.

Today we will show you how to do exactly that without using any external app.
Reverse wifi tethering allows your phone to have internet access via a computer with WiFi and internet connection. In other words you share your PC’s internet connection to your smartphone.


  • Windows computer with an internet connection and WiFi
  • Froyo or higher (Android 2.2+)


  1. Enable wifi on your phone. Then check  wireless & networks >tethering & hotspot >Mobile AP  with whatever security settings you wish.
  2. Connect to the phone’s access point using WiFi.
  3. Bridge the connection to the phone and your internet connection via a Windows network bridge.
  4. Bring up a terminal (You can use SSH, ADB, etc.) and type:
    netcfg wl0.1 dhcp

    (Your connection may not be named ‘wl0.1′ – run ‘netcfg’ to see a full list)
  5. Try accessing the internet on the phone and ensure the 3G indicator is not lit. You can also check via Wireshark on the host PC and you should see the phone making requests.

[via darkimmortal]

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