Reverse USB Tethering

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We previously showed you 2 great ways to do reverse wifi tethering ( check links at the end of article).

Today we will show you how to do reverse USB tethering.
Reverse USB tethering allows your phone to have internet access via a computer having internet connection. In other words you share your PC’s internet connection to your smartphone.


  • Android 2.2+ (or an older version with a root tethering app)
  • ADB from Android SDK, or a rooted Android 2.2 with terminal in root mode


  1. For Windows: Install USB drivers from Android SDK
  2. Connect USB cable and activate USB Tethering. You should see on linux or windows a new network interface.
  3. On windows, Bridge the 2 network interfaces
  4. Setup usb0 interface of your phone. You have to options:
    1. From your computer, execute:
    ./adb shell netcfg usb0 dhcp
    2. Or in a root terminal on your phone, type:
    netcfg usb0 dhcp
    You should now be able to connect to Internet on your phone using your computer’s Internet connection.

Try to do a ping to be sure !

To shut down the reverse-tethering

  1. unbridge interfaces on your computer
  2. On your phone, uncheck the USB Tethering option !


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12 thoughts on “Reverse USB Tethering

  1. I think I’ve got everything required, but whenever I try to set up the usb0 interface, I keep on getting error: device not found. I’m using a Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830) by the way.

    • I got this error device not found as well. But when I enabled USB debugging, Windows started downloading the Sony driver. I had to reboot the PC. But later, I restarted the procedure but the error message became “action ‘dhcp’ failed “

  2. i tried adb shell on my windows it said device not found
    and on the terminal on my android it says action failed (timer expired)
    is there any thing i’m missing?
    in my connections i selected both connection the Lan and the one tethered from my phone and right clicked and clicked bridge connections and it created new icon (network bridge) so what shall i be missing here!

  3. I have SGA 2.3.5. Bridge between local net and samsung OK, netcfg usb0 dhcp answer # (so OK), but open default browser and can not open google site.
    Type netcfg in emulator and apear an IP adress in usb line.
    Only works browser or can use other apps like whatsap?

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