How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy Ace

If your phone doesn’t boot into download mode and you have a black screen after flashing froyo, here’s how you unbrick it. It has worked for many folks.

  1. Prepare odin with the firmware u want to flash (in my case was gingerbread 2.3.3) and get it ready to go.
  2. Remove battery, SIM and SD card, next connect your galaxy ace to the computer.
  3. Hold Volume down + Power + Home button at the same time.
  4. Insert the battery and wait a bit.
  5. At this point Odin should have detected your SG Ace ( Yellow rectangle should appear)
  6. Click Start button in Odin and wait about 5 min.

If all goes well it should come back to life.

You should know how to flash firmware using ODIN.

Thanks to SuperMini@xda

16 thoughts on “How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy Ace

  1. hey this is the first im tryin to root my samsung galaxy ace.but i downloaded clockworkmod 4 before i rooted the phone and installed it from phone keeps freezing on the SGA menu.and advise

  2. Hi,

    My ace is bricked when I tried to downgrade from CM7 to GB2.3.7. Hope it happened due to disconnection of the phone from from odin twice. Now my ace didnt turn up and shows nothing then the black screen. It might be bricked severely. Any suggestions…

  3. hey pls pls help me when i press switch on button nothing happen i thing my phone was bricked when i root it it works correct for one i try to remove battery and restart the phone it start normally bt a day when i want to restart the phone and when i m pressing switch on button nothing happen plz plzzz help mei now what to do ????

  4. i am using dxkpb 2.3.4 on galaxy ace, i have a nandroid backup,
    then i flash gingerreal 7.2 rom and halt in the middle,
    i turn it off and try to reboot it,but it wont start.

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