Exclusive Interview with Ronald Ammann (ramdroid)

We previously reviewedApp Quarantine” for android and really liked what we saw. We also got a chance to sit with Ronald and talk about himself, his app and a lot of other stuff.

Ace Tips: Tell us something about yourself. What you do?
Ron: My name is Ronald and I’m 33 years old. I live in Germany at Lake Constance, which borderlines with Austra, Switzerland and France. I’m working as a Software developer as long as I remember. I started to focus in Mobile development in 2009. At this time I was working on the Windows Mobile platform and released the app “Taskbar launcher” on xda-developers. When Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 I got pissed off and quickly switched to Android, which was just starting to skyrocket at the time.

AT: When was the app “App Quarantine” published on android market?

Ron: The first version was published on Android market a little more than 3 months ago, at the end of June.

AT: How much time did it take you to develop this app?

Ron: I can’t really tell. I’ve been working on App Quarantine at least 3 months before releasing it but I didn’t code throughout all this time. Few hours here and there. During this time there were also issues with some lines in my previous employment contract that delayed the release.

AT: What was your inspiration behind this app?

Ron: Aw, to be honest I didn’t really have a concrete plan or inspiration when I started developing. Originally I was working on a backup tool (imagine Titanium Backup with a nice UI), then started adding the freeze functionality, and later removed the backup components. I just had a feeling there are too many things which would go wrong with such a tool and maybe it would be too massive to be my first app. So I focused on something more simple.

AT: Any future plans for this app?

Ron: There are always ideas for new top secret features which will be implemented in future versions. Besides, when I started out I didn’t really know if anyone would install my app, but I told myself I’d do a paid version if I’d ever reach 10.000 installations. Well I just hit that number the other day so this is also a thing that might be happen in the not too far away future.

AT: Working on any new app?

Ron: I’m always working on Android things, stuying about new APIs and trying out new stuff. This kind of research often results in ideas for new apps, but usually I stop working on them after a while because I’m not satisfied with the results, or the exactly same app is already existing. I think there should always be a reason if you publish an app, and I don’t want to release a new app if I’m not really sure about it.
AT: Well, we really liked your app and wish you good luck for the future.
Ron: Thanks.

Here is the market link for his app “App Quarantine”.

Dev’s website

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