Samsung Galaxy Ace has Gorilla Glass?

There is much confusion on whether Ace has gorilla glass or not. There is nothing written about on Sammy’s website or the product box.
But nearly every internet website like etc. state that it indeed has gorilla glass.

The corning website (manufacturer of Gorilla Glass) states ACE has gorilla glass. Go here to see yourself.

Proof Eh?

Not satisfied? Here is a youtube video to convince you otherwise.

So the next question is simply, Should I get a Screenguard?

Gorilla Glass features exceptional damage resistance to the scratches, drops, and bumps of everyday use. It’s thin, cool to the touch, and cleans easily – making it the perfect solution for sleek, seamless designs. And it’s sensitive enough to enable today’s most sophisticated touch applications.

So if you are paying attention, gorilla glass is scratch resistant and not scratch proof. So if you use your phone ruggedly & carelessly, you might be better off with a screenguard. And NO, a screenguard doesn’t hamper your touch experience since it is a capacitive touchscreen.

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